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    Hi! Really nice contribution. I played arround with it the whole day, but I couldn't figure out the following: 1. After registering, the affiliate_products table is empty for this new affiliate, so he has to go to affiliate_products.php and activate all products by himself manually, if all products should show up for a customer, comming from the affiliate's web-site. Imagine how much work this is and how long it takes, if the store has a high number of products. Isn't there a way of activating all products for a newly registered affiliate automatically, so that he has to go the other way (so deactivating products, he does not want to show up for his customers)??? 2. The affiliate_products.php is in the admin section. How shall this work out exactly, as no shop-owner would be that stupid to leave the admin section unprotected for access (usually everbody is using a .htaccess file with access-protection) ??? No affiliate could edit the affiliate_products without getting permission to access the admin section. Is there any workarround for this problem ??? 3. Why exactly should someone implement the affiliate_branding mod at all??? I mean what could be the reason, or the advantage, for a shop-owner, to let an affiliate replace the shop-logo and reduce the number of offered products ??? I see a lot of problems by allowing this, as the shop-logo is directly connected to the shop-company itself, so repacing the logo may let a customer, comming from an affiliate-website, assume, the shop belongs to the affiliate (is this legal?). On the other hand, why should an affiliate be allowed to reduce the number of offered products at all ??? This may be a very hugh problem, as the customer gets a cookie set when visiting the shop comming from an affiliate's website, so every time he wants to visit the shop, he get's it with the affiliate logo and probably reduced number of products, and he can not change this behaviour, unless he knows how to remove the cookie. But maybe the customer want's to see all products, the shop is offering, I mean, why should a customer be happy with censorship through an affiliate ??? Not beeing able to offer all available products to a customer is definitely no advantage for the shop-owner as well. Sincerely, Master One