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  1. Hi all, I have found a contribution called 'PHP Point Of Sale' which seems to be what im looking for, but its instructions are a bit vague. Does anyone know if installing this, using the automated 'install' page, erases the current 'customer' database when it tries to create its own one of the same name? Also, are orders entered using the POS system visable in the oscommerce orders list, access via admin? Any advice from ppl who have used this contrib would be appreciated - i couldnt find a topic for it :( Thanks in advance, Dan.
  2. Hi everyone, I have seen this question asked before, and expect many ppl have solved the issue themselves, but I could not find an answer, and am still learning php. I am using Creloaded 6.15 and have installed chemo's SEO v2 for creloaded. I use the preinstalled "easy populate basic" to export froogle feeds, and am now trying to get the products url within the feed to reflect the new SEO url. Within easypopulate_basic.php there's the code: which i believe generates the url code, but I am unsure how to modify this to represent the new SEO urls - can anybody help??? Many, many thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this. Dan.
  3. Hi, I have this module installed and have been trying to get it working with the paypal ipn. I see there is a guide for this in the contribution folder, but the problem is that i am using "PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN_v3.1.5", and where the guide instructs the files to be modified, they do not exist in the newer IPN mod. When currently used, the checkout on my page is fine, but when transferred to paypal the points are ignored, and the transaction value jumps back to what it was before the reductions. Can anyone help? many many thanks if you can. Dan.
  4. Well spotted. To rectify this you could remove the '.' from the accepted figures in the javascript in checkout_payment.php, that way any user entered decimal results in an error. The purchase will still proceed though if the 'use all points' box is ticked and the customer has, for example "199.5" points as the javascript only tests user entered data. Theres bound to be a better fix, but at least this is a fix! Dan.
  5. As im new to php im probably speaking rubbish, but why not simply set one radio box to be selected by default? In html its easily done. id imagine its the same in php? Dan.
  6. Hi everyone, I have installed this module and all seems to work fine on the admin side and the product info pages, but the problem is that when items are sold it does not update the stock levels. I have also installed the "nochexapc" and the "points module 1.5" - im not sure if they've intefered with eachother or are just incompatible. Im now completely stuck as to what to do, so if anyone can help, or has used these contributions together successfully, id appreciate your guidance. Thanks. Regards, Dan.
  7. Hey everyone, i have installed the "nochexapc" along with the "points module 1.5" and "QT Pro 4.2" contributions and have a problem. When i test a transaction using this contribution in test mode, should it update stock levels, and in the case of the points module - also update the points, or does it not do these in test mode?.......its not doing either. Many Thanks Dan.
  8. Please ignore my above post - i'd missed the 2nd half of one of the installation steps by mistake :blush: One problem i do have though is that i also have the "nochexapc" and "QTpro v4.2 - Quantity Tracking Professional" contributions installed..........when i place an order it doesnt seem to update either the stock level or remove the points redeemed from the users account. All help greatly appreciated. Regards, Dan.
  9. Hi guys, ive installed this quality contribution and it all works well other than when the customer comes to pay - there is no box or mention of points at all. I have ensured that the sort order for the points bit is set to appear before the 'total' and after the 'subtotal' on the page - but nothing at all is appearing. :blink: Any ideas? My (relevant) code in checkout_payment is as follows: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css"> <script language="javascript"><!-- /* Points/Rewards Module V1.50 bof*/ function clearText(thefield){ if (thefield.defaultValue==thefield.value) thefield.value = "" } function validate(field) { var valid = "0123456789.," var ok = "yes"; var temp; for (var i=0; i<field.value.length; i++) { temp = "" + field.value.substring(i, i+1); if (valid.indexOf(temp) == "-1") ok = "no"; } if (ok == "no") { alert("<?php echo REDEEM_SYSTEM_JS_ERROR; ?>"); field.focus(); field.select(); } } var submitter = null; function submitFunction() { submitter = 1; } /* Points/Rewards Module V1.50 eof*/ var selected; function selectRowEffect(object, buttonSelect) { I also have the nochexapc contribution installed if that makes any difference? Thanks!
  10. I understand what you're saying, but the nochex payment notification email contains the customer details (i know this as i use nochex on my first site, running a javascript cart), and id be happy to use emails to process orders. Is there not a legal issue if my database stores customer details and it is not SSL secured? Without SSL, is it easy for someone to access my database? Dan.
  11. Really?!?! but if they enter their details only on nochex's server, the APN would have to transfer their details back to my server, and then store them in my database - surely not?! :blink: I'd like it to not store any custoer details, but just update the stock table in the database when items are sold. Has anyone tried this? Dan.
  12. Morning all, Can someone please clarify this APN for me - is it possible to use this if i have installed the module where the cusomer doesnt need to register to order, and if so will it still update stock levels? I am looking to open a store, but cannot afford an SSL so do not wish to store customer details for security, and no doubt legal, reasons, but i would like a working inventory system, and to use nochex. Regards, Dan.