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  1. Hi Harald! It's a wonderful idea! Thanks a lot for this new localized part. Regards FX
  2. Hi zaenal! Nice job, your mod is very effective thanks a lot. I use it on my store and it works very fine.. But... ;) I have a very large catalog and a lot of images. Browsing all the image directory is very long time and find the good picture is a challenge. However I solve this problem by create automaticly subdir in the 'products' directory named like the products_model. It Works. But now I need to reduce the start directory browsing in the right directory : images/products/products_model/ I tried to push the new 'relative_dir' to the class but whithout effect. How could I define the relative_dir different in each page edit product ? I would to get the 'products/products_model/' folder as the base directory to browse and target to uoload new file different for each product. If you could help me You save me :) Thanks again
  3. Hello, try this option : URLTarget="2" In my script, it works. But may be your problem was fixed since november 2009 :) Sorry, I just found the issue of this problem I encountered right now.
  4. In the last version of this contribution, all tables are moved when you click on "move button" : holding_orders, holding_orders_products, holding_orders_products_attributes, holding_orders_products_download, holding_orders_status_history, holding_orders_total are duplicated into orders, orders_products, orders_products_attributes, orders_products_download, orders_status_history, orders_total. It seems to persist a problem with download and sending downloadd code to customer, but others features are ok. What's wrong ?
  5. Thanks for your feedback, Laserfox. Yes, all your installation seems to be correct. And i forgot to test and fix somes problems about download This contribution was made to prevent orders not registred into DB because the customer not return to the store after payment in Paypal page (or other external page). It seems to be a frequent problem. However I thought "a customer does not back to store for download his product after payment is an idiot" ( sorry) But I am a suck! ;) I have to fix this problem too ! :D Well, I project to fix this bug ASAP.
  6. :blush: :lol: It was waiting on my hard-drive since a week (sorry)
  7. Contribution Updated ! Version 2.0 is downloadable now! Have fun ;)
  8. This contribution make a dual saving of an order in distincts tables. Just before paying the order is saved in holding-tables (mirror of orders tables). If an order is correctly terminated (customer comes back to store after payement) the icon is green in control panel. This means the order is correctly saved in both tables (holding_orders and orders) If not, the icon is red. Then, You can transfer the order to regulars tables (order) after verification whith curtomer about payment. During this transfer, The order's history of customer is correctly updated but the customer's basket is not dropped (cleared) and the customer would not receive a mail confirmation of his order. Actualy this version (1.6b) not running perfectly because the products attributes are not transfered correctly. But this problem is fixed and I'll send a new version soon (very quickly). Regards
  9. May be the new release of orderCheck fix this problem.,1168
  10. I just realese OrderCheck seems to be an issue to recover some orders loosed during payment procedure. May be you could interested about : Regards
  11. Hello, I just released this contribution with a lot of changes. For any problems or support, please use this topic. Regards, You can download-it here :,1168
  12. FIXED ! :) (in admin/visitors.php rows # 677 - 678) replace : default: $order = str_replace('AND', 'WHERE', $robot) . $guest_only ." order by "; by : default: $order = ($robot!='') ? str_replace('AND', 'WHERE', $robot) . $guest_only ." order by " : str_replace('AND', 'WHERE', $guest_only) ." order by "; Regards ;)
  13. Hello I got the same problem or looks like : it's happend when clicking 'Sum all-time by IP Country' like golfman2006 but the line number is different. Line 94 is the start function : function _setup_segments($gi){ line 125 is the end function } What's wrong ? the GeoIP.dat is in place... just downloaded from like specified in the IMPORTANT - GEOIP DOWNLOAD.txt Regards...
  14. Sorry I don't use or try HTMLarea or TinyMce I 'm using FCKeditor because it's working with IE AND Firefox and it's totally free. I can't help you about theses WYSIWYG Tools...
  15. Did you try to add the file needed ? I just check the archive and i saw a right file in catalog/admin/includes/functions/ called articles.php try a new transfert ... ;)