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  1. Is there documentation on How to program for OsCommerce? Ex. How to I handle session variables, database calls, etc. I see some of this in the doc. section, but I want to some backgound to reduce devlopment time and errors! If not, what the proper procedure to handle session vars? Thanks
  2. dm_fw

    PaPal Preparing [PayPal IPN] Order Status

    The PP doc tells you to track a PP ID and check for dups. I am not sure of the exact name of this field, but you need to store this in you DB when you get an IPN record. Also, multi actions can occur in the future on the same order, eg. a payment reversal.
  3. dm_fw

    PayPal IPN Customer Account

    Do you mean standard PayPal payment via. HTTP? When you pay via. PP, you have the option of using your PP account or directly paying. The only issue is if the customer uses an email address linked to the PP account, then PP requires them to log in! This is a very bad policy and has resulted in lost sales for me!
  4. I set up the shopping cart "Sunshop" on a existing site where there are issues with configuring SSL. Until we can resolve the issue, the client wishes to use a Payment Processor (Merchant account/Gateway) which take the final card information on their end, I know that PayPal offers this service. Any suggestions for other providers who have a good reputation? Thanks
  5. Is there a "Best Practice" for writing contributions? One issue is core product releases effecting your addon. Ex. If you add 3 lines into xxx.php and xxx.php changes in a new release, then someone has to find the change and reinstall it back into the new version! Thanks
  6. I am looking for a Contribution which allows one to define Language Prompts in a database or a File. Example, in the index.php file there is the line define('TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS', 'Product Name'); I need to get the 'Product Name' from a database table or a file. A name or a link would be helpful Thanks