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  1. I have installed both Freeamount and Freecount -- two free shipping modules -- but when I open up the shipping module screen through the Admin interface, they BOTH come up as Free Shipping (displaying the Freeamount text). If I remove Freeamount Freecount comes up fine, and vice versa. I have checked the files, and they do not have the same names for any fields, etc. Could they be getting confused just because of the first four letters ("free")? I have tried changing the names of files, etc., but with no success. Any tips? Thanks! Yikes!
  2. Blazing fire's question is a good one... but as of yet unanswered java script:emoticon(':(') I also added Freeamount and Freecount -- two free shipping options -- but NEED to find a way to limit (restrict) these free shipping options only to a certain method of shipping, like USPS Priority Mail. The cost of shipping FedEx overnight mail would be WAY too high to allow for free. Hope someone with a clue (that would not be me) is listening... Thanks! Yikes!
  3. I have solved my trouble. I had installed a new contrib, and there was a line of code that needed modified in the products_info page. Best!
  4. Vikki, I am getting that error, too. If you do a search, the results come up. Then, if you click on a result to see the product info, the error appears. I didn't know if you had gained any new insight into this problem. The only recent contrib I have added is Hidden Products and VIP. Not sure whether the problem had existed before, or not, as I am not sure when the last time I checked that page is. You can see the error in action at http://thetiesite.com/shopcart/advanced_se...p?keywords=blue Just click to see a product, and you will get the error. Any suggestions? Yikes!
  5. Yikes

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I also noticed... when you change the quantity of an item in the edit_orders screen, it does not seem to modify the STOCK of the item in the database. Is this correct? Then... does it or does it not add a deleted item back into your inventory? Maybe it's just me, given the previous issue (above post), but if it's not, this would be VERY important, as it could quickly throw one's stock out of whack. Yikes!
  6. Yikes

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I just downloaded this -- the install was SO simple, and this feature should have been in the original mod -- a CORNERstone to any e-commerce solution! FABULOUS idea and expert job of putting it together. That said... :evil: I have been able to change totals, etc., but not add a new product. I get the drop down menus (a great, smooth way to do this, too, I might say), I make a selection, and... it never adds. Any suggestions? Yikes!
  7. I am trying to make a javascript button to launch a popup window without url bar (to display a printable invoice with no order number in the url bar). I am not proficient at java, and have not been able to get it going right, so I am looking for help. This is the original link: <?php echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_ORDERS_PRINTABLE, tep_get_all_get_params(array('order_id')) . 'order_id=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['order_id'], 'SSL') . '" TARGET="_blank">' . tep_image_button('print_button.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_PRINT_ORDER) . '</a>'; ?> Thanks in advance!
  8. I have Randy's Gift Wrap contribution installed, but there is a little problem. First, when a customer selects either of the radio buttons for gift wrap or no gift wrap, the corresponding (first or second listed) of my shipping methods appears selected, too. It's like I have ONE module on the page -- two radio buttons simultaneously being checked. However, if I go on down and re-select a different shipping method, that seems to do the trick. The other problem is that Gift Wrap does not show up in the order totals. Planning to go live soon, and would like to not have to uninstall this valuable contrib. Any ideas...?
  9. I have installed the printable invoice from checkout_success but the order totals in the printorder.php file are not right. Shipping is always $0.00, meaning the "total" remains at the total of the products, alone. Additionally, I have a gift wrap module and discount modules installed, and none of these are reflected in the printorder.php order total. I realize you might need to view my printorder.php file to know for sure what is going on, but ... any ideas?
  10. Many of us have surely installed various discount modules, and have probably noticed that none of them does everything we want. In that case, we end up installing 2 or more. But there doesn't seem to be a way to make these modules mutually exclusive. What I mean is, if I want to offer a discount to customers who purchase a minimum number of items, another discount to members, and another discount for (enter text here), there is no way to stop the cart from adding together ALL of the discounts when the customer meets all of the requirements. What I would like to do is prevent a member, for example, who already gets a decent discount, from getting another discount on top of that because they meet another requirement. Or, to give them the greater of the two discounts, or... whatever. My first (low tech) solution is to simply make the members discount 5% instead of 10% -- and then make the other discount 5% instead of 10% so that a member who meets the other criteria gets a total of 10% off ( and not 20%). The problem is that the original problem still exists, just with smaller numbers. So, I am no pro at this stuff at all, but I am thinking of tinkering with the order total files -- perhaps adding an "IF" statement to check whether a previous condition has been met (which would indicate that the previous discount has been issued -- I am saying previous based on the order of the modules -- another "IF" statement would need to be added to each subsequent module to check on the previous module, I think). If the conidition has been met, no discount. If it hasn't been met, the current discount is applied. But I have to admit, I am in over my head, and it I get it to work it will take TONS of trial and error. SOooo (and here is the point of this lengthy post), does anyone have any ideas to share before I pull my hair out? Thanks in advance! Eric
  11. Yikes

    Members discount question

    Ian, Thanks for xmembers 2.2 -- smooth! What I am wondering is, if I want ALL returning customers to receive the discount on all future visits, is there a simple line I could add to checkout_process, maybe, to write their member status to "1" to the database UPON checkout (in order to prevent the discount from being applied to the first visit)? Another issue would be if people have checkout without account options installed. Since the customer would never be able to login in to retrieve their discount, it probably wouldn't matter. But, to be picky, one might just want to set the member status of customers who chose to create accounts. Thanks in advance.
  12. Simon, I made the changes you suggested, but now I get:
  13. Simon, Nice work on the updated contribution. Unfortunately, I am having the same issue as Benjamin. I haven't had (and still don't) any trouble with other payment modules. -Yikes