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    USPS International Shipping Options

    Wow no one has found the solution to this yet? I gave up and just set USPS to domestic. That stops the global options from showing up :-"
  2. Doh I edited the includes/functions/general.php instead of the admin/includes/functions/general.php :blush:
  3. Hello: ::!Newb Alert!:: :blush: I am trying to use gsitemap by Vigos http://www.vigos.com/products/gsitemap/ When I use the spider to make the map, it gets a session ID I have no idea how to find the user agent string. I have all session values to false (except prevent spider session) :thumbsup: I don't know if it is just gsitemap getting the session ID or all the bots. How do I also check this?
  4. Was a fix ever found for this? I just installed SEO URLs v2.1 and am getting the same exact problem. All seems to work fine except for this warning.
  5. Xmystic

    USPS International Shipping Options

    Has there been any progress on this? I am having the same problem. I'm a script novice, but I'll look the code over and see if anything, by some miracle, jumps out at me.