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  1. computeramstelveen

    Support thread for the Image Magic contribution

    Tom, great contribution, but I'm experiencing quite some difficulties. The problem has been mentioned before: Some images (I'd say about 15%-30%) cannot display unless you turn filename encryption on. When viewing the thumbnail, the following error messages appear: Warning: Division by zero in /var/www/html/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 139 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/html/catalog/imagemagic.php:139) in /var/www/html/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 481 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/html/catalog/imagemagic.php:139) in /var/www/html/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 482 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/html/catalog/imagemagic.php:139) in /var/www/html/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 483 This is in itself not such a huge problem, but filename encryption is really taking a huge load and makes all pages load really slow. I'd say that (with server-side caching on ofcourse) page loading times are at least 3x as high as when I set your 'master switch' to disabled. You can see for yourself at my site, www.computeramstelveen.nl. BTW, I've upgraded to the version you uploaded the day before yesterday, I believe that only change was in imagemagic.php?
  2. computeramstelveen

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    I have a big problem with Easypopulate. My store consists of 1000+ products. The prices of these products are updated weekly, so I need to import a sheet with the prices every week. This is not a problem. The problem is, these products all have extensive descriptions. These are erased every time I import! I have NO field that sets the product description what so ever. My sheet is build up like this: v_products_model v_products_name_4 v_products_price v_categories_name_1 v_categories_name_2 v_categories_name_3 v_categories_name_4 v_tax_class_title EOREOR The sheet is splitted so it contains 500 products MAX. Anyone has any clues as to what's happening?
  3. computeramstelveen

    PC Pro Creator

    Great contribution, a big problem however. The pricing isn't right, so instead of "?PRICE" I get "?PRICE ?,", you can see this at my shop: http://www.computeramstelveen.nl/catalog/compbuild.php The author of this contrib posted a solution, but I can't seem to find that line of code in compbuild.php. Can anyone mail me the correct PHP, or post it here as an attachment?
  4. computeramstelveen

    [Contribution] Advanced Cartbox

    Very good contribution, however I have a slight problem. I use a contribution to discount certain members, however this isn't working well with the cart. The total amount displayed in the box is correct, but on the price after the individual products the discount rate is applied twice. Not just two times, but say I have a discount of 10%, the price listed after a product is $price * 0.90 * 0.90 (= 0.81 * $price) instead of $price * 0.90. Any solutions?
  5. computeramstelveen

    ThumbNails and WaterMarks OnTheFly

    Ah OK, I missed that that was essential. Do you mean this contribution?
  6. computeramstelveen

    ThumbNails and WaterMarks OnTheFly

    Flow, I've downloaded your edited version, but I have no clue as to how to install your changes. You have added the files popup_image.php - popup_image7.php. Your instructions only mention that I have to change something in these files, but not where I should put them. Also these 7 files make a database query, but the row isn't in the standard database, so you've forgot to add the SQL file/code to do that.
  7. computeramstelveen

    Easy Populate - Name problem

    No one that can help me...?
  8. computeramstelveen

    Easy Populate - Name problem

    OK, I've found the solution already. I searched in the easypopulate.php for "New Product", since that is what it says when you add a new product. A little under that, there are the functions to insert a new product into the DB, or update the fields, if the product exists. Look for this code: $sql = "UPDATE ".TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION." SET products_name='$name', products_description='".$v_products_description[$key] . "', products_url='" . $v_products_url[$key] . "' And delete the line that syas "products_name='$name'," and your done :) I now have another problem though... Sometimes, items are discontinued and then removed from our suppliers list. So, if a product is no longer on the list, I want it removed from the DB. Again, this can be done manually, but that's a hell of a job: every week, maybe 10 of 4000+ products are removed. Scanning for discontinued products manually takes to long. Any way to do this?
  9. computeramstelveen

    Easy Populate - Name problem

    I'm setting up a webshop with osCommerce. This shop will contain 4.000+ products, so adding and updating them by hand is impossible. Therefore, I use Easy Populate to get all the items from a CVS sheet in the database. I have a question about updating the products though. Every week, products will be updated using CVS sheet list. This list comes from our supplier. However, this list contains not only new or updated products, but ALL products. The name on this list is not the name we want in our shop, since it use abbreviations and such. Therefore, the name field should not be updated if the product already exists in the database. I tried just leaving the name column out of the CVS sheet, but that doesn't work if there are new products: they then have no name and are not shown, nor on the frontpage, nor in the admin area, and I can't add a name to them. I could ofcourse dive into PHPMyAdmin, but that's too much of a hassle. To get around this, I'd want to update the name field ONLY if the product is new. Easy Populate recognizes if a product is new out of the box, so I think it should be possible without too much trouble, but I don't know how I could do this. Someone has a piece of code or some other solution?