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  1. Is there a contribution that allows for directed searching: where a user can either click on a series of links or make radio-button choices that refines at each choice. For example, suppose sells clothing: Home Page: Allows choices mens, womens, childrens, outerwear, etc. Suppose the user clicks on "childrens" -- then, the user goes to a new page in which they can choose from boys, girls, babies, toddlers, jumpers, t-shirts, etc. Then, the user clicks on "jumpers" and they see the collection of jumpers. I suppose there are many ways to accomplish step-by-step searching where at each step the shown catalog is reduced. It would be especially nice if at each decision point there could be "home pages" for the subset. In the above example, the home page would have general appeal, the children's "home page" would have a design and text that appeals to that market segment, etc. For a photo website, I can imagine one first searching for one element that is wanted in the photo, then another, and yet another. Eventually, the catalog is pared down enough that the user finds just what they're looking for. For each photo (just like clothes), I imagine metadata keywords being entered for any item. Directed searching provides for search "home" pages when the set of keywords being searched on is some specific set of words. Anyway, that's how I'm imagining that I'd implement this should I try to write a contribution myself. If there isn't yet any such contribution, please feel free to share what you think would be good here so I can try to do it. Thanks for any leads in this direction! Fat Bear
  2. Thanks for the info. I'm not sure why 2checkout.com thinks that selling certain products such as lingerie should either require higher rates or be outright banned, but this makes them a lot less appealing. And, even services such as "Hotel, Airfare, Accommodations, Car Rental, Travel Services" are not allowed. I have a number of travel agent clients that, therefore, could not sell their services. And, why would they prohibit the selling of "Study Aids?" I guess my bookstore client couldn't use them. Oh, well. It's their choice as to what their policies are. But, it does raise my sensitivity to checking out the terms associated with any payment module provider. So, given this experience, I'm wondering if anyone has put together a matrix of the characteristics for each payment module to include things such as: Discount Rate Transaction Fees Monthly Fees Annual Fees Recurring Transaction Capable? Term Committment (e.g., 0, 12, 24 months) Virtual Terminal Available? Swipe Terminals Available? Other These are the things that any user of osCommerce absolutely must know. I'm hoping that it has been done before! Best Regards, Steve Amerige Fat Bear
  3. Bottom line first: Which payment module/provider should one choose that has no term committments, no monthly fees, and does not have a long list of things that cannot be sold? While 2Checkout sounded like it would be good for our customers that are just getting started, the list of prohibited and restricted items that can be sold is unacceptable. For example, even selling lingerie is restricted. And, I'm not sure about Paypal: does the payment module require customers to have a Paypal account? The customer wants a checkout process that doesn't require subscriptions. They just want the customer to enter the credit card info, the address, and complete the transaction. This is the profile that I think would appeal to most start-up small or home-based businesses that don't even know if their idea to sell stuff will work. If they sell nothing in a given month, they pay nothing. Once they get to a monthly sales volume that exceeds some threshold, they'll consider moving to another payment module/provider. Thanks for your suggestions!
  4. fatbear

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hi Iggy, Thanks for your substantive reply! Your comment that one can have separate templates for the various positions of the hierarchy is especially heartening. That will probably work for us. And, I suppose we can just edit the templates and splice together Photoshop (ImageReady) images to make the page look like an artist created it. I have installed STS. I guess all that I need to do now is to start figuring out just how one specifies the templates for each of the categories and other members of the hierarchy that you mentioned. If you could comment on that, that'd be great--right now, I need a confidence builder. :thumbsup: And, of course, I'll read whatever documentation I can get my hands on. I guess that also includes the PHP. Fortunately, I speak several foreign languages. :lol: Thanks again, Steve Amerige
  5. fatbear

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Is the Simple Template System (STS) the best choice in the osCommerce contribution set for graphic designers that are looking to design a stunning-looking osCommerce site? Here are some of the things that would be ideal for us: 1. The ability to design different appearances for the home page and secondary pages. Does osCommerce or STS allow for different templates based on where in the shopping cart experience the visitor to the site is? Any help you can provide to help us understand this fundamental point will be greatly appreciated. 2. For any given template, the ability to integrate Flash, Javascript, and HTML to give the user a media-rich experience. 3. For any given template, the ability to design the page according to what the graphic artists would like us to make the site look like. In an ideal world, we could design sites with CSS (e.g., like csszengarden). Can you give us an idea as to how much design freedom we have with osCommerce and STS? Thanks for any feedback you can provide. Regards, Steve Amerige
  6. fatbear

    Merchant/Gateway for Internet/Swipe

    I'm looking for a merchant account and payment gateway provider that can work not just internet sales, but also for in-store swipe terminals. And, of course, I'm looking for the best rates I can get and compatibility with osCommerce. Because I'm looking to be a reseller for these services, it'd be nice if the provider is a single point source that can sell both the merchant account, the payment gateway, and swipe terminals. What's your best suggestions for the USA? Thanks, Steve Amerige fatbear