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    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    Ooh, just one thing I noticed and can't remember how to fix up... How do I get the rounded corner for the new specials box? i.e. using image corner_left.gif instead of the current corner_right_left.gif ? Thanks.
  2. wuiske

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    Great module, thank you! Here's my story for a bit of a chuckle/light comedy relief... I had a little bit of trouble with it at first, trying to work out what "run sql" meant (duh - the extra file "product_specials.txt" that was in the download - that's a hint for other dummies like me). I finally worked that out, but for some reason I had two databases in myphpAdmin (perhaps one is a backup or something of the sort that my host provider has done) and so I ran it first on one, no result whatsoever, then on the other, and I got a duplicate result lol. That is, the specials box showed up on EVERY page TWICE ?!? well, every page EXCEPT the front page, which had nothing. Anyway, after scratching my head for a bit, I ran the code in Post #15 on both databases, then I re-uploaded my backed up "catalog/index.php" file and did that step a second time and voila, all perfect. Thank you so much Surfalot for a great mod!!!