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  1. When I initially create an order and send notification to the customer, everything appears to work fine. However, if I go in and edit/update an order, and send notification to the customer, they receive an email with the subject as "EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT". For some reason it's not putting the value in there. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Mike
  2. Hope this makes sense. All of my products are using the table rate, but I have a new product that I want to have a flat shipping price. The rest of the products remain the same. As admin I want to select which product(s) uses this flat rate. I don't want this to result in the customer being able to choose one method or another in checkout. Can anyone point me to a contrib that would assist me with this? I saw this one: Individual Product Shipping Prices - v1.0 But wasn't clear on if it would meet those needs or not. Anyone have experience with that? Thanks! Mike
  3. maksum

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Ok, successfully changed the password, tested it using just an ftp program to verify that the password was indeed changed... Yet I'm still getting this: File completed: sdb-upload-to-froogle.txt FTP open connection failed to hedwig.google.com Script timer: 0.169960 seconds. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks, Mike
  4. maksum

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    You're just talking about the FTP password, correct? makes sense, but just to make sure. Man, Froogle says that this thing can take up to an hour for the change to take place... it's been over 2 hours and the new password isn't in place yet (been testing with an FTP program.) Hopefully that will change soon and I can report some good news. Thanks Mike
  5. maksum

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I would sure appreciate some help with this. I am at the point where I can create and manually upload my file fine via ftp program. but I can't get the tool to do it. I get the following: Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been stuck on this forever and can't seem to find the answer. Mike
  6. Ok, I have no idea how I did it, but I fixed it. I discovered that it was working locally, but not live, so I just moved up the entire "includes" folder. So somehow something wasn't right with one of the files on the live server. I wasn't satisfied merely because it was repaired however, so I looked through all the files and just couldn't see where the difference was. Anyway, thanks for your help. If I discover which file it was, I'll post. Thanks again and sorry. Mike
  7. Ok, I went through the process again, placing files in directly from the contribution, re-adding the new database entries, and it's still the same. It's so odd. Key Words and Description go in just fine. But if I put anything at all in that "Title" field when I edit a product, it will just come up blank. Any ideas? Thanks so much for your responses. Mike ... Also, I'm checking the database. It appears that it updates correctly. the "products_head_title_tag" gets populated just fine, just as "products_head_desc_tag" and "products_head_keywords_tag" do. I know very little about databases and such, but couldn't I conclude that it's writing to it fine, but just hanging up somewhere when trying to pull in that info? Mike
  8. Hmmm, replaced that with a clean version, and it's still doing the exact same thing. I will re-do the installation process, see if I can pin it down. Mike
  9. Sorry, if I wasn't clear. I'm not entering a new page. I'm going into my catalog, selecting an existing product, and going in to edit it. With this mod I now have "Title", "keywords", and "description" fields I can fill out. I can put anything in "Keywords" and "description" and it works just as it should. I go to my site, look at that product, view the source, and there are the keywords and description just as expected. However, if I try to put anything in the "Title" field, the product page doesn't end up loading. It's fine if I leave it blank, and it just defaults to the site Title. but if I put anything in the product's "title" field, it breaks. is that clear? Thanks again. Mike
  10. I would sure appreciate a little help. I went through the process of installing this and everything seemed to go really well. However, when I use the admin tool to add a title that specific product page doesn't show up. It's suddenly just a blank page... no error messages or anything. I can add keywords and a description fine... it's the title that breaks it. If I go back in the admin tool, and take them out, it's fine again. product_info.php has the following code added: <?php // BOF: WebMakers.com Changed: Header Tag Controller v2.5.2 // Replaced by header_tags.php if ( file_exists(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header_tags.php') ) { require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header_tags.php'); } else { ?> <title><?php echo TITLE; ?></title> <?php } // EOF: WebMakers.com Changed: Header Tag Controller v2.5.2 ?> which seems to be exactly what was instructed. Has anyone else run into this and found a solution? Thanks much in advance. I'm really excited to get this mod working. Mike Also, when I view the source on that blank page, this is all that's there: