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  1. Sorry, this is slow in coming, Ken. Here's what you can do: Normally, your SOAP logging is done in the server's /tmp/ file, but if you are on a shared server (like myself) you will probably not have access to this file. This is a workaround. 1. Goto this file: /home/xxxx/public_html/catalog/pear/Services/PayPal/conf/paypal-sdk.php.dist 2. Rename file to: paypal-sdk.php (just drop the .dist so that it is a .php file now) 3. Change this line: $__PP_CONFIG['log_level'] = PEAR_LOG_INFO; (INFO could be ERR or DEBUG) to this: $__PP_CONFIG['log_level'] = PEAR_LOG_DEBUG; 4. Change this: $__PP_CONFIG['log_dir'] = '/tmp/'; to the path of the folder you want the logs written to. I used: $__PP_CONFIG['log_dir'] = '/home/xxxxxxx/public_html/catalog/soap_log/'; 5. If you get any errors, you can check that folder for the logs and send them to the Merchant Tech Support team member that is helping you. Hope this helps! ~Mike~
  2. Thanks djmonkey1! Just so happens I found that right before I read your post. Now, if I could just find the file with the wording "PayPal Direct Payment", I'll be thrilled! All I want to do is change "PayPal Direct Payment" to "Credit Card Payment" Thanks! ~Mike~ Found it. It was under /public_html/catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/paypal_wpp.php Thanks again Dynamoeffects and everyone else that put this together! It really is a great module! I've been telling people about osCommerce for some time now, and this really just tops the cake! ~Mike~
  3. Howdy! Dynamoeffects, you did an excellent job!! :thumbsup: Got it installed and working in about 1/2 hour (yeah, I know, I'm a little slow). My only question is this: What is the file that has the wording "This is currently the only payment method available to use on this order." and also "PayPal Direct Payment"? The point of our Direct Payment module is to allow a seamless transaction process for the customer. The buyer is not supposed to be made aware that the transaction is being processed through PayPal. We (PayPal) do not provide buyer support for WPP. As far as the buyer knows, the transaction was processed through your own credit card processor. BTW, Dynamoeffects, if you want to reach me directly, send me a private message and I'll give you my email address. Thanks! ~Mike~