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  1. Help! I've spent days on this & am no further forward. I want to use zones & have managed to create extra zones with all the labels on. I have entered all the info into the correct boxes & save the module. I go to my website & buy some stuff using an account I made, but it won't let me check out because it says zones is the only option available & it isn't available for my country. I have put the UK in zone one & it is the only country(?) there. Any ideas? I did have rates installed first of all & that worked, but didn't think it would work properly for overseas sites, so I took it off. I have tried to reinstall, but it still isn't showing it on the website. If someone wants to see the shop it is at www.artyfactsforcrafts.com I really do need someones detailed help cause I'm new at this & nothing in any of the help files I've read so far seem to sort it out for me. Thanks in anticipation Gay :blush: