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  1. gty

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    Just wanted to say thanks for a great contribution definitely what my store needed. Also I use css buttons and got it installed with a few minor tweaks :thumbsup:
  2. gty

    Ajax City State

    that's cool..does not work in firefox though.Also seems like you should reorder the fields where the zip code is second instead of 4th. definitely a contrib I'll use
  3. Thanks for the contribution i have been looking for something like this to impliment into my site. after installation all I get is a blank body. Header, footer, column left is all there but it's not pulling anything from the wordpress database. any suggestions? I have a few plugins installed on wordpress WP-Polls,Photopress,Opt-in Front Page, and BAStats. I have tried deactivaitng them but still no go. I also tried switching back to the default theme and still nothing?? I am using wordpress v2.0.3.
  4. great contribution my only issue is with the email confirmation I get and would this contribution be hard to intergrate with edit orders contribution ? I assume you would only need to edit edit_orders.php in the catalog/admin dir and in the language dir. I use that mainly for updating orders. Thanks!
  5. Ok I was able to get the first version of the contribution installed and working (only downside is it's limited to how many products I manually link)..so there must be something out of wack with mysql that was inserted?? Irin was this part of the code you inserted from the contribution? or from a differnet contribution? the instructions I used have this located nowhere any of the versions? here's what I tried inserting from the last version.
  6. Thanks for the reply..I did a search for HEADER_TITLE_CHECKOUT as that's right before the code that is inserted from the contrb that begins in your header.php...In my header file I have 2 locations were HEADER_TITLE_CHECKOUT is located.I tried placing the code in both places (and all around) and I am still getting the same results...can't figure out why this is not working..thought this was going to be an easy contribution to install lol. here's my header.php if anybody has any suggestions.
  7. I got the sql inserted but am having a difficult time getting it displayed. I set the configuration in admin to 10. The instructions say to insert this before In my header.php shows the following I have tried placing the code in several places before and after and in the middle of the code above..The closest I can get is my header gets all messed up having the banner all the way to the left and the buttons for my account and stuff to the right and no scrolling images. I have centered shop installed with down for maintence and pwa.Not sure if that's causing the issue or not..any help is much appreciated!
  8. gty

    2CO - 2checkout orders not coming back?

    not sure it it matters or not but they no longer support v1 or something here is a copy and paste from there web site I use 2co also and is working fine for me.
  9. Great contribution but I am having 1 issue.When I update the order status it makes 2 entrys like this: 02/06/2006 19:41:55 Processing Updated Customer orders/status. 02/06/2006 19:41:55 Processing Updated Customer orders/status. I just got done getting my ssl installed and working not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. Anybody have anys suggestion what could be causing this? thanks.I am installed the latest full package.
  10. gty

    2Checkout says oscommerce is requesting CC Details?

    can't check the link asks to create an account, maybe your credit card module is still installed.remove it under modules-payment
  11. *If you like this product, then you will like these products: On the product display page show a list of other products that the customer may want to buy. X sell or family products. *I need to be able to change how the display of products in a list is viewed. not sure what you mean or want maybe product colums?
  12. gty

    Admin DHTML Menu

    Great contribution only issue I am having is linking the credit and gift vouchers. when I move my mouse over the credit and class link nothing happens.same issue as above. array('gift voucher' , 'gv_admin.php' , BOX_HEADING_GV_ADMIN), this is what last tried before asking for assistance. I have tried a wide variety of array .i have tried : vouchers/coupons vouchers / coupons vouchers/ coupons vouchers /coupons voucherscoupons vouchers coupons gift credit credit class and so on probably 20 plus differnet variations. Could some body shed some light on this for me? thanks!
  13. gty

    Contribution 2795 - Product Listing

    I found a nice contribution it called Box_categories_pro_V1.1 just do a search for it.
  14. how do you get the catagories show the sub catagories wih out clicking it?