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  1. Hi, I have done a script to import turbo lister products from ebay to oscommerce. If anyone is interested, email me at leoperezortiz@gmail.com Best Regards, Leo.
  2. leoperez

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    Hi to all, I have some questions. Anyone have done a logout file for this module? I have tried to do it but i havent luck. When the administrator create a new supplier in admin, he can adjust the Suppliers percentage, but when the supplier enter in the suppliers area, he can put the prices he want and then the system show the Supplier price in the index shop. Then, what is the supplier percentage for? Thanks, Leo.
  3. leoperez

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    Thanks Rezolles If i have any problem i will say to you. Best regards, Leo.
  4. leoperez

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    Hi to all, Exist version 1.0? Can i install this contribution in a new installation of Oscommerce or do i need any other contribution? Thanks, Leo.