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  1. webbqt


    Thank you titch, it nice to know I have help waiting when I need it. I have to get the site working again though. Have a parse error that I can't find (don't know code at all). I'm trying to decide if I should just start all over again or keep waiting for help in general support. Once that is cleared up I will probably need help again with easypopulate.....if only I knew code already. :blush:
  2. webbqt


    Yes, I did get it working. I do have some products from my "trial" data that won't go away. But I'm having other problems now (I have that in "general questions"), so I'm not working on easypopulate right now....but I do know it works. I even started messing around with attributes and that seemed promising. Thank you so much for checking back though! If only I could get that kind of help elsewhere.
  3. webbqt


    Sometimes my own stupidity amazes me. Your wern't talking about making this change "in" excel...but in the computer itself......and it only took me 3 hours to realize this :-"
  4. webbqt


    I don't suppose you know how to make this change in Microsoft word spreadsheet do you? I had tried before to save the file as csv...but of coarse it didn't work since I hadn't changed it from a coma to semi colon.....I've looked all over in word spreadsheet, and checked the index, but so far havn't found how to make this change....thanks for any help
  5. webbqt


    I sure hope someone answers you....I'm having the same problem. I even printed out the manuels, (and even read them BEFORE I started) and some other tips I found....but can't get it to show up. Now I've spent the last 3 hours searching the forum for an answer...and just find this question asked a few times...it does look like a lot of people have a lot worse problems though :rolleyes: