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  1. phmoreau

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Hello, I have installed this very nice contrib. It seems to works well. I have two questions (as i am not native english speaker, my understanding is not good !) What is the purpose of referer url ? I get answer find or not find, does that means the visitors can see or can't see the web page ? what is the meaning of duplicate ID ? What is the difference with a real customer ? Thanks for your help ! Philippe
  2. Hi, I installed header tags but i've got a major problem. When I use Fill up, the field in the tables (categories description and products description ) stay empty .... I ned help ! thanks
  3. phmoreau

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    I am totaly stuck now ! I study forums and look for a solution all the day ... and I see also that I don't get the button "add an AS " when I edit a product. So, the attribute are not going in the table and I don't get the button add an AS !! I look the code all the days but I didn't see any mystake. Fews days ago, I download a contribution to fix the problem with "global register off". i also used an other contribution to add some field in the product info Is one of those uncompatible ? In witch files I have to look to find my mistake ? Please help !
  4. phmoreau

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    I did, it seems OK. When I try to give attribute set for a product, at the end of the procedure, I get the seems with the 2 option 1- edit the product info (if I do it, i got a message "the file was not transfered) 2- going back to the catalog (if I do it it seems OK) But after, going to the table I can see that (in the table product attribute) that no attribute was given to the porduct ... it seems that the problem is there but i don't know how to fix it ! Thanks for your help Philippe
  5. phmoreau

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Hi, After some effort I understood everything and installed this contribution. In the administration part, everything look OK. I set up some attribute set . works well. I can go to product and define some set to each product but unfortunatly, when I go to the shop, (to check if everything appears .... ) I don't see any option in the product info ! Does somebody could tell where I have to look to find my mistake ? Hope to get some answer. Thanks Philippe
  6. phmoreau

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Hi, This contribution looks great but, probably I am stupid I don't understand how to install it : Why is there to install file (look different ?) How to create and alter table (I don't find attributesets.sgl) ? I need some explanations ? thanks for your help Philippe
  7. phmoreau

    register global

    I am using the register global path files, provided by contribution of someone ... Is it working with this contribution ? thanks