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  1. abbygkatt

    [Contribution] Custom (products) Sort Order

    I am getting a weird problem after installing this contribution. For some reason there is an extra column showing in the product listing. I have two "Buy Now" buttons showing, but when i remove the "Buy Now" feature, it shows two price listing columns so it looks like it's duplicating the last column. When I revert to a backup database it fixes the problem, but the sort doesn't work and when I take out this line of code.. //sort order $define_list = array('PRODUCT_LIST_SORT_ORDER' => PRODUCT_LIST_SORT_ORDER, 'PRODUCT_LIST_MODEL' => PRODUCT_LIST_MODEL, //end sort order ..and replace it with the original, it fixes the problem, but again the sort doesn't work. I am at a loss as to why this is happening.. :( Is anyone else having this problem? This contribution is exactly what I am looking for so i don't want to uninstall it. Here is a screenshot of the problem..
  2. abbygkatt

    Infobox Header Images

    I have just installed the Infobox Header Images contribution and it works great, but I noticed that the images don't link anywhere. For instance, I want the Categories box to link to all the categories when clicked, and I want the shopping cart infobox header to go to the shopping cart. I looked in my backup and the code that links to the respective areas is php. Do I need to convert each button to HTML? The problem with this is I don't know where I am linking to now that I have overwritten everything.. the link in php is formatted like this.. <a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_ALL_PRODUCTS) . '"><b>' . ALL_PRODUCTS_LINK . "</b></a> How the heck do I find this actual link without having to re-install my backup? Any help would be very appreciated.. :o)