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  1. Ok..

    first hi..

    ive installed the pwa contrib. working fab.

    i have some question though... will be happy if someone will help .. cause im pulling my hair now


    1) in the "login.php" page, the signup table comes first,then login, then PWA.. what if i want to switch it? i want people to see "proceed directly to checkout" at the begining ..not the end.. what file should i edit?

    2) ive been searching in the forums but havent found the answer.. how do i change the country dropdown to hidden&one preselected country?

    3) where do i change the bg of the site etc? in the style.css? i WAS using oscmax 1.7 so it had the bts system. but lots of contrib didnt work there.. just wondering.

    thnx alot! :P

  2. Hello everyone, kinda new to this.

    i've searched the whole forums for a "greeting" mod.

    something that will let me change the TEXT_GREETING_GUEST, personal and so on from the admin panel.

    could someone help em find something like that?

    also, if someone could point me to the "news scroller" contribution mod. i will be quite happy..

    thnx everyone! :oops: