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  1. jtnaylor

    [Contribution] More Category Boxes

    Okay the pics are disabled now but that's not it. I have the 2nd category active now and you can see how the center is shifted down. Take a look please and let me know what you think. www.chromewhore.com/shop I will take the 2nd category off before the night is over so it's not there tomorrow.
  2. jtnaylor

    [Contribution] More Category Boxes

    Hi Jared - I have the version with the pictures installed. You can see my crappy store running it here http://www.chromewhore.com/shop/ But I have only the 1st category box active because I don't want my store looking all jacked up today while people are shopping. Thanks, J.T.
  3. jtnaylor

    [Contribution] More Category Boxes

    Hrmmm I've looked at the page in Firefox and IE - all that white space is there in both of them. This is killin' me. Can anyone help?
  4. jtnaylor

    [Contribution] More Category Boxes

    Help me please... Installed More Categories and got it all set up. Works great with the one category box. As soon as I enable box 2 however - everything in the main page area of my screen (where all my products are displayed) gets shifted WAAAAY down to the bottom of the page. So unless you knew to scroll down people would think that no products were being displayed. Not so good. Any ideas? This is the answer to my problems but this problem keeps me from being able to use it. Thanks, J.T.