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  1. websmartguy

    Help w/Featured Products Contribution

    Found it! It seems this installation uses index.php as the default catalog home page. Of course, I modified the file "default.php" for the contribution. After renaming default to index, up pops the Featured Products contribution just as it should. The truely amazing thing is that I received so many helpful replies within minutes of posting this question. I appreciate all your help and suggestions and will try to return the favor at my first opportunity. Thanks a bunch Joe
  2. websmartguy

    Help w/Featured Products Contribution

    Hi Emiliano... ...and thanks for the speedy reply. Nope, didn't miss that one. But it was a very good guess.
  3. I recently installed the Featured Products contribution (V1.3) and the good news is I get no errors. Although the administration end works fine, the catalog acts as if the contribution doesn't exist. With the Featured Products contribution set to "true" and featured products existing in the database, the catalog default page continues to show "New Products". I obviously have missed something but I have been over the contribution several times checking my work. I cannot for the life of me find my mistake. If one of you helpful folks out there could point me in a direction that would help me, I sure would appreciate it. The URL for the OSC installation in question is www.topsailgiftbasket.com. Thank you in advance.