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  1. Thanks for the great contribution! Due to the fact we have really different size of pictures and product names I really have a problem to get the whole thing to a nice clean look. Please take a look at this screenshot to see what I mean http://www.cartuning.at/screenshot_grid.jpg 1) Is there any way to define a kind of max allowed size for the pic? Something like "maxum wide= 200 and maximum height=200" to define the available space and resize the image to max possible siize within this available space without changing side ratio? 2) Is there a way to change the product listing in the way that "product model" and "product price" share a row? Something like model left and price right but within the same row? Thanks in advance! Greets, Alexej
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    Ask a Product Question

    First of all - thanks for this great contrib! I have seen that some of you wrote something about a "green line" confirming that the question have been sent. I have nothing like that in my shop. I use "ask_a_question_final_1". Should that "green line"-function work or is it just not included there? If its not included - is there a way to make something like a confirmation page? Best regards, Alexej