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  1. linuxmaster1979

    Urchin ELF2 logs?

    I've used the code here with no luck. Has anyone found a way to get Urchin integrated with OsCommerce?
  2. linuxmaster1979

    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    For 2 reasons mainly. 1. You lose some of the functionality of OsCommerce when using CC processing that is not totally integrated into the shopping cart. No order reporting for instance and other admin order functions. 2. To process the cards manually, you have a better chance of catching Fraud purchases.
  3. linuxmaster1979

    Money Bookers

    I helps to have some experience and basic knowledge of PHP programming and MYSQL database functions. If you don't have any experience in these areas, it would be easier for you to work with something that is out of the box where you don't have to do any programming. You may want to take a look at Yahoo shopping carts, as well as looking around at different internet malls that are available. These will probably provide better solutions for you in your present situation. Best of luck!
  4. linuxmaster1979

    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    Does anyone know if Ikobo offers offline processing? Meaning, what if you were to take the order using the Credit Card module, and then after the order is placed go to ikobo.com and enter the CC manually.
  5. Olorin, was your update done on a clean install? If so, can you email the updated files that you did. I'm getting undifined function errors. Thanks! sblair@plasticbags.net
  6. linuxmaster1979

    Customer Product Pages

    I'm looking for a contribution that would allow the customer to repurchase previous products from a single page. When they login to the site, they would see all the products that they use and purchase from that page without having to browse the site.... Does anything like this exist yet? Thanks! Scott (oops, this was in another forum, but thought it went better here.)