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  1. barryjacq2

    2checkout payment module

    I am also having problems getting 2checkout to put the information about the order in the database. I checked all your suggestions above about the cookie settings and URL settings, but it is still not working. the order goes though fine and is added to the database if I choose to pay by check, so I know the system is working at my end. If I choose 2checkout as the payment method I get all the way through the payment system but the order does not appear in the database. Any suggestions?
  2. barryjacq2

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Problem with making two database users the same name. I have another osCommerce installation that I want to use with my phplist database. The problem is that they are both on different servers. When you create a new database user on the server it prefixes the user name with the login name for the server. For example all users on my server virtua38 begin with server1_ for example server_user1 All users on my other server begin with server2_, so even if I choose the same name (user1 in phpMyAdmin), the actual user name is different i.e. server1_user1. This obviously causes a problem when you want to add the same user that is accessing your osCommerce database to your PHPlist database, since it is impossible to create two users having the same name. Can anyone suggest any solution (apart from moving both applications to the same server)? Thanks anyone. Barry
  3. barryjacq2

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Thanks Chris for the suggestion. For the time being I created the lastname attribute in PHPlist and set it to not-required. That seems to be a work around that avoids having to change the code. Barry
  4. barryjacq2

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    I do not want to pass the last name across to PHPList so I leave the attribute for last name empty as instructed. define('PHPLIST_LASTNAME', ' '); //the atributenumber for the users lastname (if created in phplist otherwise leave empty) But I get the following error message: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ' 7603, 'aaaaaaaaalast')' at line 1 insert into virtua38_plst1.phplist_user_user_attribute (attributeid, userid, value) values ( , 7603, 'aaaaaaaaalast') [TEP STOP] I tried putting a space as well as leaving the field empty - both produced the same error. Any ideas what is causing this problem?
  5. I am getting an error in my server log from the prev/next contribution. Any ideas anyone? Error message PHP Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in /home/****/public_html/includes/products_next_previous.php on line 39 [12-Jan-2006 03:24:49] PHP Warning: reset(): Passed variable is not an array or object in /home/****/public_html/includes/products_next_previous.php on line 37 Contribution details: WebMakers.com Added: Previous/Next through categories products Thanks to Nirvana, Yoja and Joachim de Boer Modifications: Linda McGrath osCommerce@WebMakers.com
  6. barryjacq2

    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    In orders tracking version 2_8b, there are two indexes created for customers_postcode. Is this correct? ALTER TABLE orders ADD INDEX (customers_state), ADD INDEX (orders_status); ALTER TABLE orders ADD INDEX (customers_postcode), ADD INDEX (customers_postcode);