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  1. azer

    [Contribution] CKEditor [wyswyg]

    can someone please make an installation manual to know the modification to make to the ckeditor taken from their website i managed to instal all FCKeditor version but CK editor i really different
  2. i tought oscthumb know an image to process because of the size (diemnsions) of it that correspond to the one set in configuration ... and if it s has a code that checkthe calling page we should just check if we can override it, but most important is the way popup image is called: echo '<a rel="image_group" title="'.$product_info['products_name'].'" href="' .[b] tep_href_link(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $value)[/b] . '" target="_blank">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $value, $product_info['products_name'], TINY_IMAGE_WIDTH, TINY_IMAGE_HEIGHT, 'hspace="5" vspace="5"') . '<br />' . '</a>'; the big popu image is called by a link , not a tep_image so oscthmb would not be used because of that what do you think ?
  3. i was aking if there is any solution to have the javascript take the image with a tep_image function so that the modfication done by oscthum are taken ...
  4. about phpthumb, did you manage to have watermark with image or text working on popup image with the fancybox ? :blush:
  5. azer


    in sitemonitor_configure.php i dont understand why we dont use the variables of the configure.php + request the database value of store owner email , is it a question of security ?
  6. Idea For the modules: , * it records all the change wen we remove it, we should add an option to jsut record it has been removed and not all the module option ... * it send one email for each field value when we install and remove a module, would be better to have just one email with all info for the module modified and only the modified value
  7. Having the info on WHO modified the configuration : i dont understand this part of code, maybe it s working for the rc2.2a not the old ms2 version // Check to see if the configuration value changed is the Store Owner's Email address - if it is send a configuration change notification to the existing Email address on file. [b] if($cID == 3)[/b] { tep_mail(STORE_OWNER, $configuration_values['configuration_value'], EMAIL_CONFIGURATION_CHANGE_TEXT_SUBJECT, EMAIL_CONFIGURATION_CHANGE_TEXT_BODY, STORE_OWNER, $configuration_values['configuration_value']); } tep_mail(STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS, EMAIL_CONFIGURATION_CHANGE_TEXT_SUBJECT, EMAIL_CONFIGURATION_CHANGE_TEXT_BODY, STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS); } what is this value : if($cID == 3) ? by the way , if someone want to help me to add the informations of the person who modified the value using the contribution admin level, i reach my limits ...
  8. a little trick to get more infos in the email, all is harddcoded by style it s a beginning of idea : replace tep_mail(STORE_OWNER, $configuration_values['configuration_value'], EMAIL_CONFIGURATION_CHANGE_TEXT_SUBJECT, EMAIL_CONFIGURATION_CHANGE_TEXT_BODY, STORE_OWNER, $configuration_values['configuration_value']); by $configuration_change_body = EMAIL_CONFIGURATION_CHANGE_TEXT_BODY . '<br><br>' . '<b>Configuration Title: <b>' . $configuration_values['configuration_title'] . '<br>' . '<b>Configuration description<b>: ' . $configuration_values['configuration_description'] . '<br>' . '<b>Configuration old Value<b>: ' . $configuration_values['configuration_value'] . '<br>' . '<b>Configuration new value: <b>' . $configuration_value; tep_mail(STORE_OWNER, $configuration_values['configuration_value'], STORE_NAME .': ' . EMAIL_CONFIGURATION_CHANGE_TEXT_SUBJECT, $configuration_change_body , STORE_OWNER, $configuration_values['configuration_value']);
  9. lets say taht it s here the official support for this contribution :rolleyes:
  10. i could give you a hand and share with you some good decoding for handling those problem that have been uses in other contribtuions and seems to work well as for the rest im still testing and you did a wonderfull job, tha manual is really a pro manual and any coders could take this as an exemple ! i got a question about multilanguage value for a dropdown menu, when you create a value, you have to enter it in all the laguage of the shop , after creation, when you want to create a product, you have the dropdown for each language, but if you change a value in english for instance, the value doesnt synchronize in german, you can in fact select a different value for each language ... i think its not the purpose no ? good think would be as soon as you change the value in any language, other language automaticully are updated to the same value i could send a screenshot if i dont explain well
  11. even if previous version are alpha you already created a page with the alpha realease in it, then you create a new page with excatly the same contribution name ... well you already have more than 2000 post i m very surprised ... i wont discuss again about it, do as you want, as i said let focus on other things and just let people get confused :blink:
  12. azer


    what is the link to download the package so i can test it ?
  13. thanks for your explanations i speak only the logic of making simple not confusing, i understand for the thread to make a new one but for the contribution page no need too, simply upload a version 1.00 on it and gie ve the new link for the new thread it s easy to understand creating a new contribution page with the same name of contribution and upload one file with no title saying it s a 1.00 version is just making things not simple.. i will end my advice here since it s true what remains important is the tremendous works you did on the features of these developement i m gratefull and will give my feedback soon
  14. it s a hell good work you share with us but why making a new contribtuion page for version 1 with excatly the same name it s very confusing, you could have posted in the same page and just gave the link for the new thread ! and in the old page you give a link to the new thread but not the page where to download version 1 and in the new contribution page , you dont write it s version 1
  15. im sure you already know about more pics and ultra pics could you tell us when you created this contribution what do you think is a real advantage using yours like for instance to have unlimited image ... and the rest of nice better feeatures ?