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  1. Have been trying to resolve my USPS problems for weeks. Had USPS methods installed for years but after most recent changes first class domestic disappeared, I applied all kinds of updates and it wouldn't resolve. So tried this contribution and all domestic finally works fine but now my international calculations are down. I get the following error(s): Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: Entity: line 84: parser error : etc. So international rates are not showing at all now.
  2. Never mind, my bad, uploaded to modules folder instead of modules/order total folder.
  3. I have searched and found suggestions on the problem of 'Points Redemption' not showing up in the Orders Total module and I have applied the changes as suggested to the sort order of the subtotal and total via my phpmyadmin. Making subtotal 4, points redemption 5, and total 6. I have tried uninstalling the sql changes, then installing via the installer.php file. I am having no luck seeing it pop up. I have been at this for hours, I installed the latest package which had the french translations. Everything else is working fine. Has anyone come across this, does anyone know what's wrong? I'd appreciate any help.
  4. cmcljpp

    Usps Shipping Module Will Not Install

    OK, I got mine to work. I clicked on the triangle to the right of USPS and the 'install' disappeared and the page reloaded with all the regular USPS options.
  5. cmcljpp

    Usps Shipping Module Will Not Install

    I too am having this problem after installing the USPS module update. I used the update SQL then removed the module and when I try to install, the page just reloads and still displays the 'install' button. Any thoughts on this problem?