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  1. itnchans

    Urgent Help Needed with ePDQ Payments

    Hi all, I have downloaded ePDQ contributions:- ePDQ for osCommerce ePDQ Payment Module Version 2 Have gone throught the setup and edited the relevant file. When it came to testing, I went throught the order screen entered a dummy test card number and right through to confirmation. That is, upon pressing continue it jumped back to the site home page. I have just spent the past 1 hour going through all the scripts but cannot see why. Can anyone point me in the right direction. ? Also in the contribution section I have noticed the following ePDQ CPI Module, by preferred development partner for Barlcays ePDQ. Anyone had any luck with this one regards
  2. itnchans

    Homepage update

    Hi, does anyone have a working solution to this contribution yet.
  3. Hi All, I have recently installed imagemagic 1.14, but cannot tell if it works correctly. On some pop-ups I find some images small and some large, cannot get them to be the same. Any ideas, My site is at My Webpage Regards
  4. Hi all, Have installed version 1.14 and followed the instruction. But I cannot get it to work correctly. When you view the images in the pop-up they very in size. Here is a link to My Webpage. Tried to play with the setting in the admin but no luck. Any Ideas Thanks
  5. itnchans

    [Contribution] STS v4

    ps. I have activates STS through the admin panel, and found that my original site appeared in the center of the sts template. Can anyone guide me to using STS with a view to creating my own templates. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Regards
  6. itnchans

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi All STSers, Just installed STS 4.1, because my knowledge og PHP is minimal. Where do I begin in terms of creating my new look website with STS 4.1. What files do I need to touch and modify. Thanks to all in advance.
  7. itnchans

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi, Here is my 10 cents worth. I have installed Order editor V1.8, removed ver 1.75. I find it is adding new additonal products, allows me to add new lines to Discount, Shipping and Total and upon pressing update it is calculating the tax But when I goto section 5. Status and Notification, its not recording or informing the customer. Any ideas. Regards
  8. Hi, just installed the image magic script, I think everything look ok on the installation side. Look at the website , but cannot see tell if images have been resized. They appear the same, no changes at all. Have I missed anything. I have also noticed that some of my GIF images don't show, only the JPG images. Can anyone assist in directing me as to where the problem my be. Thanks
  9. itnchans

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Anybody got a solution to this, otherwise i may have to remove it and try something else
  10. itnchans

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi I have installed order editor 1.75, and works a treat. the only downside is when an order is amended (via the admin), say you add delivery cost it does not update the total price. for example on a dummy order created(before install) sub-total :70.78 delivery :00.00 vat (17.5%):12.39 total :83.17 After I installed the edit order contribution: sub-total :70.78 delivery :25.50 vat (17.5%):12.39 total :108.67 the VAT element did not change, it should read sub-total :70.78 delivery :25.50 vat (17.5%):16.85 total :113.13 Doe anyone how to correct this.
  11. Hi, I have managed to install and setup the Fax or Phone Credit Card contribution. Its similar to the one used in zencart. What I would like to know is how do I add the order number to the fax transmission, so that when the customer phones or faxes, the company can related the order to the details on form. Thanks in advance.