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  1. You go to your database and check the "configuration" table. you check the last configuration ID listed, and just increment for your install.
  2. That's normal because these pages don't need URL rewriting. They never carry parameters like product-info.php. Your homepage is index.php and that's fine, because when that index.php carries parameters (such as /index.php?param1=A&param2=B) then it's rewritten to something like /blabhblah-1A-2B.html). No need to worry. ;)
  3. okay, so far so good! http://www.netpearl.net/jewelry/rss.php?language=en Thanks for yet another great contribution! :thumbsup:
  4. I changed 80 for a number not in use (166 in my case), I'll see if it works.
  5. I'm getting the same eror. The '80' entry currently is 'Shipping Cost'. What should we do about that ? Change the number for any one that isn't in use?
  6. Hi all, I'd like to thank the creator and all contributors to this great tool! I have followed the readme info, it just works like a breeze. I'm new to oscommerce, I've made my first install yesterday. thanks again! my oscommerce site can be seen at http://www.netpearl.net/jewelry/ (still under construction)