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  1. Hi, this contribution is really great. It nearly works perfect for me, but there is an issue I have. 1. Although shipping costs are calculated in the paypal order confirmation mail after checkout, these do not occur in the OsCommerce order confirmation mail or in OsC order details Do you have an idea where I went wrong installing the contribution? Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers Soeren
  2. Hi, I have installed this impressive contribution in such a way that a customer can only enter shipping details but not create an account. Now, when a customer orders the shipping details are still written in the customers table. As the consequence - when the same customer wants to re-order with the same shipping details he sees the message: "Your E-Mail Address already exists in our records - please log in with the e-mail address or create an account with a different address." How can I prevent the E-Mail address from being matched in the customers table? Thanks in advance. Soeren
  3. Hi, I`ve installed your contribution. I`m not quite sure where I went wrong during installation. When I visit admin/supertracker I see a totally blank page. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance. Best Regards Soeren