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  1. Hello Contrib addicts and gurus, recently I saw a contribution for doing website host billing using a osCommerce contrib. If anyone has seen such a contrib please advise, David.
  2. I have tried several of the contribs that protect the admin directory. Of all the contribs I have tried only 1 works but it is too simple to use in a production environment. I don't want to use the .htaccess method because I don't trust basic auth. Has anyone used a admin protection that works? Are there any commercial packages that work? Thanks David.
  3. Hello, I have installed Admin Account /w Access and all seems as if it has installed OK. No glaring error messages. Invoking the admin url: https://localhost/admin invokes login.php as expected. However, no response can be gotten from the system. Both right and wrong email-address and password with subsequent clicking of the confirm button only redraws the login screen with new empty input dialogs for email-address and password. Clinking on the password_forgotten.php link: Password Forgotten? is ignored and the login.php screen is redrawn w/o anything error messages or logs to inspect. If you can suggest a diagnostic please advise, David Brown.