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  1. YES, call 2checkout... i called about a parameter error and he asked me immediately if it was over 1000$ - but mine was not.. so I still hve my 2CO but i ma SURE they have a fix for yours... call customer support and ask for tech suport.
  2. I ahve the same problem - My site ever so often allows the customer to go through all the checkout part of OS COMM but when it gets to it claims Parameter Error and doesnt let them check out. I have noticed that if the customer tries again and again it is still the same, as if it was locked in with the cart the started or the account. On the next order - it goes through just fine. I can't figure out what the problem is.. or why the cart produces a URL to 2checkout that is incorrect causing the error. 2checkout claimed that the url that the customer provided them when they got the error didn't even have my 2checkout ID in it.... so that make me a bit confused aswell. IF anyone has a solution, I would LOVE to hear it...