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  1. jGirlyGirl1

    RMA Returns error for 2.2 MS2

    According to your error above you are probably either missing or have an extra bracket somewhere. Make a backup copy and try adding or removing a bracket around that line number. If that doesn't work, retrace your installation steps. Mostly all of these contributions require a little troubleshooting, but they do work.
  2. jGirlyGirl1

    [Contribution] Step-By-Step Manual Order

    I have Manual_orders_1.5 installed. There is an issue with the orders_products_attributes table. When a product is added from the admin/edit_orders.php page, this mod does not enter any values for these two fields in TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES: products_options_id products_options_values_id I have fixed this issue for my store. If you are interested, the fix is below: In edit_orders.php : Find: $option_value_details[$option_id][$option_value_id] = array ("options_values_price" => $opt_options_values_price); Replace with: $option_value_details[$option_id][$option_value_id] = array ( "options_values_price" => $opt_options_values_price, "products_options_id" => $opt_products_options_id, "products_options_values_id" => $opt_products_options_values_id); Find: $Query = "insert into " . TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES . " set orders_id = $oID, orders_products_id = $new_product_id, products_options = '" . $option_names[$option_id] . "', products_options_values = '" . tep_db_input($option_values_names[$option_value_id]) . "', options_values_price = '" . $option_value_details[$option_id][$option_value_id]["options_values_price"] . "', price_prefix = '+';"; Replace with: $Query = "insert into " . TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES . " set orders_id = $oID, orders_products_id = $new_product_id, products_options = '" . $option_names[$option_id] . "', products_options_values = '" . tep_db_input($option_values_names[$option_value_id]) . "', options_values_price = '" . $option_value_details[$option_id][$option_value_id]["options_values_price"] . "', products_options_id = '" . $option_value_details[$option_id][$option_value_id]["products_options_id"] ."', products_options_values_id = '" . $option_value_details[$option_id][$option_value_id]["products_options_values_id"] ."', price_prefix = '+';";
  3. I'm having an odd problem. I added 8 fields to the database, and everything is ok in the admin area. These fields are stored in TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION. I followed the instructions outlined in this contribution and modified the queries where necessary to point to the right table. The end result looks ok at first glance. All of the data pulls into Excel, but the problem is that each product is output 8 times. I figure that this has to do with the fact that the values are in the products_description table, but I've been troubleshooting all day, and can't seem to figure out why it's coming out 8 times. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance for any insight!
  4. jGirlyGirl1

    [Contribution] Products Extra Fields

    Thanks Tristan, I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to that. It would probably be easier in the long run anyway... ;)
  5. jGirlyGirl1

    [Contribution] Products Extra Fields

    I would also like to be able to fix this. My attempts have been unsuccessful. If anyone has fixed this, the code would be greatly appreciated. I didn't even notice this until I read this post, but they do nothing on my end either.
  6. jGirlyGirl1

    RMA Returns error for 2.2 MS2

    Sorry, I'm not sure. Maybe you deleted something by accident... I would try overwriting return_products.php with the original install file and making the changes again.
  7. jGirlyGirl1

    RMA Returns error for 2.2 MS2

    Hello, I am installing this contribution right now, and noticed that the following files are missing from the contribution zip file, yet they are stated as "New files that must be copied over" admin/password_forgotten.php -- NOT INCLUDED admin/restore_order.php -- NOT INCLUDED I tried searching this board, and read through the included documentation and can't find any reason why they shouldn't be there. The file is: ReadMe(RMA_SYSTEM_2.5c).txt RMA Returns System Documentation (Older doc files contained in "docs" folder) 2.5-2.5c, submitted on 6-26-2005 by Keith W 2.5d by Infobroker 2.4.1, submitted on 11-11-2004 by Justin Mayer Original author: David Howarth I'd really appreciate it if someone could let me know if this is how it is supposed to be before I continue installing. Thank you!
  8. jGirlyGirl1

    Access Denied

    I figured this out. - Go to Administrator > File Access - Click "Configuration" two times - On the right side, click "Store Files" Select both of these files, and click save on each. customers_points.php customers_points_pending.php
  9. jGirlyGirl1

    Access Denied

    I am having the same problem. Everything else works fine with the contribution, even the Points/RewardsV1.60 configuration, but I cannot access the customers_points.php, or customers_points_pending.php files in the admin panel. Did you ever figure it out?