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  1. envy2000

    Question about payment gateway

    Me too please!
  2. Looking for a really simple way for store staff to post messages. i would like this to show up on the landing page of the admin so everyone sees it. Is there a contribution like this?
  3. envy2000

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Help please.. i am getting this echo from the specials block everything else seems to be working great. thanks!
  4. anyone know if a Contribution is out there that allows customers to submit a link for price check from a product page? i have searched but found nothing. it seems like someone would have made something like this. Thanks
  5. hey there i have several products that i would like to feature as attributes throughout the catalog. ex i have a bunch of fishing rods, i want a 3 lures, and 3 reels to be used for all rods. i don't mind adding them in, but if i want to change the price of a lure it would be a real pain to go through 100+ rods and change the price. does this make sense? is there a contribution out there like this?
  6. thanks for the contrib. Did i do something wrong? I have 2 bugs: 1) When i click on a new order and [shipping] it's empty under the Qty Shipped > Cost > Producst row when i hit refresh the items in the order appears.. 2) I have 2 items. i change the qty of one item to 0 but the invoice total doesn't change. is this a bug? should it be lower now? Thanks for your help
  7. envy2000

    Order Processing & Shipping Module v0.8

    Looks like a great contribution. did i do something wrong on the install? when i go under admin > shipping > shipping processing there are no orders (even if i set status to "all orders") i can put an order id in and get a order up.
  8. envy2000

    Order Processing & Shipping Module v0.8

    is there a way to negate shipping with a Manual entry? i am trying to set up a kind of pos with this and i want the admin only to be able to select no shipping cost.
  9. envy2000


    i found the problem. it was a review image that was non existant. it's strange, because i never had a probelem before the install.
  10. envy2000


    just did an install of OSC-Affiliate 1.01, and i am getting Warning: Division by zero /includes/functions/html_output.php on line 115 error. help!!!!
  11. envy2000


    henri, took them off. no luck.
  12. envy2000


    not sure what you mean? search engine save url's?
  13. envy2000


    i found this only happens when i am not logged in as a customer. do you have to create a customer account and log into it first? you can check it out here. www.paintballgear.ca/catalog
  14. envy2000


    sorry that last one copied weird.
  15. envy2000


    anyone? >i had the affiliate working great, but now when i create an account at >affiliate_signup.php i get redirected to another blank affiliate_signup.php >page. no message, and no account created. anyone have any ideas? we were going to annouce the affiliate program today. :(