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  1. felix8

    Abandoned Carts

    Please help. Can someone tell me where is my mistake? On my web mail i get the email notice correct with line breaks but when i open it in my outlook it looks like a big text chunk - no line breaks at all. Other emails i get from the site are ok on the outlook. Just the Scarts emails looks like that. Thank you for the help. Felix.
  2. felix8

    Abandoned Carts

    The Code im using is: if (mysql_num_rows($cquery) < 1) { $email = STORE_NAME . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" . tep_catalog_href_link(FILENAME_CATALOG_LOGIN, '', 'SSL') . "\n" . sprintf(EMAIL_TEXT_CUST, $mline) . "\n" . $_POST['message']; } else { $email = STORE_NAME . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" . tep_catalog_href_link(FILENAME_CATALOG_LOGIN, '', 'SSL') . "\n" . sprintf(EMAIL_TEXT_CUST, $mline) . "\n" . $_POST['message']; } $custname = $inrec['fname']." ".$inrec['lname']; tep_mail($custname, $inrec['email'], EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT, $email, STORE_NAME, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS); $mline = ""; tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_SCART . " (customers_id, dateadded ) values ('" . $cid . "', '" . seadate('0') . "')"); echo $cline; $cline = ""; } } but when i look on the text in my web mail it seems fine. Only in the outlook it looks like a chunk thank you for your help, Felix
  3. felix8

    Abandoned Carts

    Wow this is a great add on. One problem though: When i send the emails they arrive as one big text chunk. No line breaks like that: How do i make to look normal with line breaks? I copied the whole file from this thread. thank you.
  4. felix8


    I hope someone will be able to help me. I set up the oscaffiliate and it looks great. the problem im having is that after the customer is logged in he is redirected to the affiliate summery page and he is now on ssl mode (I use shared ssl) but when I click on the banners button it takes to a non ssl page and it doesn?t recognize the logged in customer any more and because of that it redirects it to the login page. The problem is in switching between ssl page and a nonssl page. Any one has an idea how to solve that? I actually turned all the pages on the oscaffiliate to ssl pages and it works ok as long as I don?t leave the oscaffiliate files. I hope I was clear. :oops: Thank you, Felix.