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  1. Zelf is amazing and his support has been amazing too. Taking so much time and effort for other is very rare. Thanks.

  2. zelf

    IBrowser - Can't upload images.

    Same problem on different computer?
  3. zelf

    Oscommerce Account information error

    Whoa! Totally switched problems on me there. Not familiar with ccbil. You will need to contact them for support on this one.
  4. zelf

    Oscommerce Account information error

    I would assume you are talking about /catalog/account_history.php or /catalog/account_history_info.php. If you have a code editor you can search for the first part of the sql statement. Just search for select count(*) in these two files and see if you can find the sql statement that is causing the error.
  5. zelf

    Oscommerce Account information error

    It appears you have an extra apostrophe at the end of your sql statement that most likely should be a quote. Should be: "select count(*) as total from orders o, orders_status s where o.customers_id = '11' and o.orders_status = s.orders_status_id and s.language_id = '1'" Post the code from the file and line specified if this does not fix it.
  6. Link to JoomEcom Inventory Management & Demand Forecasting Contribution http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7496
  7. This is the official support forum for JoomEcom the Inventory Management & Demand Forecasting osCommerce Contribution or Add On.
  8. zelf

    Automated FedEx Labels

    Problem: Neither indirect signature required or signature required display on the label for standard overnight or any other service type that I have tested so far other than home delivery. Question: Does anyone have a fix for this? Does the problem lie in the decoding done by the label function in fedexdc.php? Debugging: I am using the latest 2.0a. I have looked at the data being sent to fedex and "2399" is being populated correctly with my signature option selection, but the label always returns without my selected signature option. I am not having any other problems besides this.
  9. My contrib uses some of its own routines, which is why it probably is not compatible with the One Page Checkout contrib. My contrib targeted some routines in osC that I felt were lacking and improved them. I am not familiar with the One Page Checkout contrib. If I had more time I could troubleshoot this for you, but I don't right now. Sorry I can't be more help, but it was designed to work with the standard osC checkout system.
  10. This could be a setup issue with VirtualMerchant. Do you have Internet transactions enabled on your account. Often this error will come up when your account is only setup for MOTO. In the function msgResultTests() below the following code segment: Put the following code: print_r($this->testAry); die(); So it should read: This will print out results.
  11. zelf

    Article Manager v1.0

    This is an issue with someone coding with REGISTER_GLOBALS on. All programmers need to get away from this. I just went through the file and with limited testing have it working on my site now with REGISTER_GLOBALS off. You can download the fix at the contribution site: /admin/articles_xsell.php register_globals off fix
  12. In your VM account under terminal settings for a user you will see your PIN, User ID, and Account ID. If you are not able to find them I would just put in a call to tech support and they will help you to track this info down.
  13. Just a general note. This contribution was designed for osCommerce, not oscmax, or any other oscommerce spinoff. If you are using an osC spinoff please do not request support for this contribution when you cannot get it to work. And if you really just need support, mention at the the beginning of the thread that you are using a spinoff that has the osC core modified. And then the answer from me at least will be no support for a non osc core system.
  14. Check your PHP error logs. Look for script errors or server errors. Are your customers receiving order emails? The email error system on ChargeIt uses the same system as the order emails.