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  1. I just installed this module over a fresh installation of OSCommerce and it's not applying the discount. As far as I can tell everything else is working. The tables are in the database. I can create new coupons in the admin section. And when I go to check out if I put in a coupon code that doesn't exist I get the error that I've put in an invalid coupon. But when I put in the real coupon code it just goes to the checkout screen with the full price. Any ideas? ->Later.....Spice
  2. I just installed the Credit Class and Give Voucher contribution (version 5.16) and the coupon code I created works fine. However, the defines for the coupon code text are not working. It looks like this: Gift Vouchers/Discount Coupons TEXT_ENTER_GV_CODE[_______________] and click (>Redeem) All the defines in the language files are there and seem to be coded correctly. I can't find the problem. Also, in the Payment Method box above it has the Check/Money Order and PayPal options as usual. Those are the only two modules I have installed. But below the PayPal box it says this: MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_CC_TEXT MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_CC_DESCRIPTION MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_CC_URL_TEXT Why is this showing up? I don't have the PayPal Credit/Debit Card module installed. I suspect this is related to the above problem, like the defines aren't being processed before the page is rendered or something, but I can't find the problem. Any ideas? You can see this for yourself at www.fidim.com/catalog. Thanks. ->Later.....Spice