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  1. set aside

    Help with shipping through Canada Post

    i'd appreciate seeing your table rates.
  2. yeah that was it, i just had to switch the order for gift vouchers and coupons (i had originally set it to the example provided in ian's help page, but that didn't work)
  3. i have them turned on and set that up, it just doesn't appear in the payment screen at all (besides the redemption box).. could it be an error when using it with the paypal ipn mod?
  4. i finally figured out why i was having problems with this contrib, i did not have a weight set to my products, so now things seem to be working and i successfully bought a gift voucher from my store, however when i go to buy other products, i don't see an option for using the gift voucher to pay for my purchase.. did i miss something in the installation or am i just stupid and missed something very obvious. (using v5.02 btw)
  5. I'd like to use one of the Canada Post shipping modules as my store is located in Canada, however after installing the CanadaPost Shipping Module 0.2.2 i've noticed that the module does not correctly reflect the weights I have entered in. Everything seems whacked. I read up on it in the forums but I'm confused about if there is a problem with that contrib that could just be fixed or if i must use the Canada Post Shipping Module with dimensions contrib. I took a look at that package and read up about it as well, but I'm rather confused about how I should go about installing it and which one I should use. Does anyone have one of the Canada Post modules working properly?
  6. i'm still getting the problem where it skips past my shipping options page after i install this contrib. the only other addon i have installed is the paypal ipn contrib.
  7. i'm new to using oscommerce, but i just installed ms1, the credit class/gift voucher 5.02 addon, and paypal ipn, and have found that after installing the credit class addon, it skips my shipping options entirely..
  8. set aside

    [CONTRIBUTION] Wishlist-update_MS1

    i'm new to using oscommerce and i just installed this addon and was testing it to find that it made my add to cart button not work.. i could add products to the wishlist and transfer them to the cart just fine by if i added a product from the product_info.php page it wouldn't add it to the cart. i think there's an error in the case 'add_product' part of the application_top.php file.