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  1. sokos

    Pollbooth 2.2b

    <_< i've installed pollbooth 2.2b inclusive the bugfixes. It works fine. But i can't figure out how to make a poll public (for everyone) or private (only for user who hjave logged in)? There ara no admin options to do so.
  2. sokos

    Pollbooth 2.2b

    <_< i've installed pollbooth 2.2b inclusive the bugfixes. It works fine. But i can't figure out how to make a poll public (for everyone) or private (only for user who hjave logged in)? There ara no admin options to do so.
  3. I totally agree on this, publishing distributions this way must be stopped. It is an insult to the open source community. This hasn't been tested very well (if at all) before publishing in the first place. Going trhough the forum I can't imagine anyone having this contrib working fully. Now community members like Shane Jackson are cleaning up the mess. This contrib is a waste of community effort..... But I still hope it'll work out one day, I like the idea of this contrib for my shop......... Hubert
  4. Hi there, I've just installed paypalIPN 3.1.5 and getting this error when viewing the order history through 'my account' : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class paypal_osc in [myshop] /catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal/classes/osC/osC.class.php on line 18 Can anyone help here? with regards, Hubert
  5. Hi there, You must be one of the lucky few then....Do you use Paypal for payments? If the voucher balance is more then the amount to pay for, does Paypal get the right amount instead of e.g. 0,= ? Did you change anything yourself in this contribution? And if so, what did you change? Do you use discount for new users and does the redeem process work (not having to redeem 2 times e.g.)....etc...etc... Regards, Sokos.
  6. Hi, I read you've managed to get the CCGV contrib working????? I've installed the 515a1 release (uploaded today) but still i'm having a wrong amount passed to paypal when the cart amount is less than voucher balance (only in this particular case), paypal gets a 'zero' amount in that case....Did you manage to get it working with paypal as well ? (i use paypal.php not paypalIPN.php!!). I hope you have the final solution for me to get it working fully.... Thnx Sokos.
  7. Hi there, maybe you're willing and able to help me.... 1) I still have a problem when cart total is less than Voucher amount. The final costs on the checkout_confirmation page show up right now in these cases but.. the value passed tot paypal is zero! (i use paypal.php) where there still is something to pay for (shipping and taxes e.g), the ordere total is calculated correctly and reflects the remaining costs but paypal receives an amount of ? 0,- In other cases where the cart total is more than the GV balance everything is fine and paypal receives the correct value. 2) The GV balance is subtracted from the productprice (excl. shipping and tax) where there is still some balance on the GV account! Is this meant to be this way? Thnx, Sokos. :thumbsup:
  8. Hi there, I did NOT use the general.php provided with the CCGV 5.15 contrib. It was to far way off of my own general.php. The contrib is working fine for me now (except some minor issues) so i assume this general.php is from an earlier version and the functions in this file are now incorporated in other files in the contrib...(my guess!!!). Regards, Hubert
  9. Hi there, I had the same problem and found out that: in .../languages/english/modules/order_total/ot_coupon.php a variable TEXT_ENTER_COUPON_CODE is defined. I have not found TEXT_ENTER_GV_CODE in any of the CCGV files so i asumed this is a bug. I changed the code in /catalog/modules/order_total/ot_coupon.php around line 81 to: $selection_string .= TEXT_ENTER_COUPON_CODE . tep_draw_input_field('gv_redeem_code') . ''; The correct text displays now in the checkout proces left to the inputfield for your code. Regards, Hubert.
  10. Hi there, I've succesfully installed (it took about 4,5 hours incl. the translation into Dutch Language) the CCGV5.15 contrib on my (live) shop. I've tested it before going live and everything seems to work fine. But later i've encountered some problems. When these 'bugs' have been solved I wil upload this contrib (full package) in the Dutch language. After going live with this contribution I've created a gift coupon of ?5 for cusomers to buy. Buying, sending it to someone else, redeeming by the receiver, adding the amount to the customers balance and so on works fine. There is now a balance of ?5 for that customer but..... 1) If a customer has a balance in their account and uses this (full or partial) during payment (e.g. the above mentioned ?5, by ticking the checkbox (the selected amount shows up on the order total) but then decides to go back to the shop (thus not completing the checkout process yet) and later goes trough the checkout proces again, the coupon / voucher checkbox does not apear again ever?? The account balance (displayed in the shopping cart) still shows ?5,- 2) I've also created a coupon applicable for new users. The amount is 10% (meaning 10% discount on the e.g. first buy) the amount field of the coupon reads 10%, the 'uses per customer value' says 1. A new customer receives this coupon fine but in admin under 'gift vouchers sent' it say's there has been a coupon sent with an amount of ?10,- instead of a 10% discount???? The cusomer has (lucky for me) not yet redeemed this coupon..... 3) If a customer is not yet logged in and he klicks the link in the email to redeem a gift voucher, customer is presented with the login screen of my shop (which is right) but then gets the usual indexpage displayed instead of the redeemed voucher page???? Any help out there......i'm stuck with this..... (See it live on http://webshop.hubenmaril.nl)