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    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    Just tried it on a fresh installation with live paypal express and confirm no shipping info showing up on paypal screen. I swear it used to do show shipping and it stopped around time instant Update error started appearing for everyone. I wanted to know whether just me or others.
  2. peterpil19

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    For others using PayPal express, is it default behaviour that only the sub-total gets passed through to the PayPal page, not e.g. shipping? On the paypal page, my customers see the sub-total, which does not include shipping. On return to the checkout confirmation page they see everything else (shipping, discounts etc.). The subsequent paypal payment record only shows the total form the checkout confirmation page as the sub-total, and excludes shipping. My recollection of the not too distant past is that the shipping information would pass through. Certainly it would appear on the paypal records as an individual amount. Peter
  3. I also could not replicate the error. Peter
  4. Hi Frank, Which hook? That might be useful to know. Other than hooks which are part of the core code, optional hooks can just be removed in my experience. Peter
  5. The alternative way to fix the button issue is to change the "input-group" class in bm_search.php and content_header_search.php to "input-group-prepend" at Lines 37 and 46, respectively. Refer documentation on bootstrap forms: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/input-group/
  6. Fixed. It does require a code change. Line 51 of the header tags module points to a cookie.js file that does not exist locally on Phoenix. You can change the address to an online version of that file e.g. https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery-cookie/1.4.1/jquery.cookie.js
  7. I must be missing something. Tried to install twice on Phoenix. Does not work for me at all. Did any one above make any changes to make it work? Peter
  8. peterpil19

    Edge VS Frozen

    Definitely Phoenix. Lots of improvements. Have a look at what 1.3.0 has to offer. Optionally if you join Phoenix Club and become a supporter you get access to lots of cool add ons like GDPR compliance modules and a superior products layout system.
  9. @Stephan Gebbers In this post @burt explains how to add a couple lines of code to control which pages hooks are active:
  10. peterpil19

    admin orders onclick change

    Hi Kevin, Sorry, I'm a little unclear. Are you asking about Demitry's module or your original question? The code above looks like it is from admin / orders and I cannot see the core code changes from Demitry's module. Peter
  11. @swguy Scott, Just a note to say thank you. These modules work perfectly and I have them running in my live shop. Peter
  12. I really like your changes to the menu above. I think it is up to the shopowners if they wish to display numbers or not as for some it would make sense and for others it would serve no practical purpose. I agree it would be much easier for shopowners if that option was available in admin and it would not be too difficult to achieve this. Potentially a candidate for a module for the apps marketplace - or for someone to raise an issue / propose a pull request in GitHub for core? As long as we capture in documentation (whether in this forum, or in the documentation initiatives being worked on) how to apply these changes. Peter
  13. peterpil19

    admin orders onclick change

    Hi Kevin, I don't experience any issues in checkout with @Demitry's add on, what are you experiencing? Peter
  14. peterpil19

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Thanks for this, I will definitely give it a go when I get some time and report back. Peter.
  15. @swguy Excellent and thank you!
  16. @ecartz Great answer. I am bookmarking this one as it will come in handy in future. Peter
  17. You can set up permanent redirects to the new pages as well to tell Google the pages have moved if you are worried about losing page rank etc. I'm not best placed to advise on this and there others on this forum more qualified than I to answer this question. If you google this, you should come across some strategies which may help. Peter
  18. @Philo2005 Sure, In includes/languages/german/modules/boxes/bm_information.php Add angebot under Contact Us, or wherever you wish it to appear in the links e.g. const MODULE_BOXES_INFORMATION_BOX_DATA = array( 'privacy.php' => 'Privacy Notice', 'conditions.php' => 'Conditions of Use', 'shipping.php' => 'Shipping & Returns', 'contact_us.php' => 'Contact Us', 'angebot.php' => 'Unser Angebot' Peter
  19. @puggybelle I do not follow your logic at all. @burt has made point releases available in between major releases. Point releases are minor releases. His making them publicly available in between more major releases is a benefit, not a detriment to shop owners. You can choose to ignore these point releases and wait for more major releases instead i.e. 1.03.0, when that arrives some time in the future. Whether you choose to keep your store updated for each point release or not is completely up to you. I'm not sure what you are asking here - for burt to stop making point releases available and instead only the major releases? Why, when you get both! The power is in your hands to choose whether you update your store as updates are available, or wait until a bigger release. @kgtee That is not exactly accurate, but I ought to have explained it better. Supporters get early access to new point releases for e.g testing purposes. Again, up to shop owners if they wish to become supporters and get early access. It is optional, not mandatory. Peter
  20. peterpil19

    admin orders onclick change

    Understood. I'm unable to assist on the coding front, perhaps someone with greater knowledge can. May I suggest this excellent add on by @Demitry which achieves the tracking functionality (but not the update field on input you are perhaps seeking). I installed it myself this week. It works perfectly, it is very simple, with some very basic core-code changes, which are appropriately commented by the author so you can easily reverse them later should you choose to uninstall: https://apps.oscommerce.com/S5MrB&order-tracking-for-bs Peter
  21. @puggybelle Hi Andrea, Phoenix is a fully-functional product based on a code base that has evolved over many many years. I am using it (as others are) for my live shop. Point releases are optional and you can wait for more significant releases instead (i.e. 1.3.0) but I would always recommend keeping your shop software up to date. It us up to you when you update. I reckon I am forced to install updates to Windows / MacOS /iOS and other software on my mac, work pc and iphone almost every week. If you sometimes hit the equivalent of the ‘Snooze’ button you can install later but at your own risk of missing out on improved features and addressing security risks. Properly maintained software gets maintained, and we are fortunate to count on @burt to not just do that, whilst improving the code base. The number of point releases should be seen as being directly proportionate to the level of support Phoenix is getting (at no charge to shopowners). This should give your greater comfort, not cause for concern. I wouldn’t want to invest in a shop whose software gets touched only once a year or less frequently
  22. Happy to help! and if you have not yet installed Phoenix, or upgraded to it from an earlier version of osCommerce, I strongly recommend it. Note the latest public release is 1.02.5. The current release (early access available to Phoenix Supporters only) is 1.02.7 (1.02.8 being worked on currently). The latest versions introduce significant refinements of the checkout pages. Here is the announcements page: Also, make sure to consider joining the Phoenix Club. In there you will find details on how to become a Phoenix Supporter, which for a very reasonable donation (to advance the code) gives you early access to new releases and exclusive access to professionally modules, which will enhance your store at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay someone to code them for you. All the best and good luck with your project! Peter
  23. @theozsnowman Welcome to the forum! The responsive admin release worked perfectly for me when I tested it recently with Phoenix. You can actually install it into a different admin folder, change includes / configure.php (within that admin folder) to point to the different admin directory, and have 2 admins, one bootstrapped, and one that standard, to compare the two. The limitation is that modules you add are not themselves bootstrapped, so you would need to modify them when you add them to your admin. Personally, I tested it out of curiosity, then went back to the standard one, as I found it original admin displays much better on a computer and I do not use my mobile routinely for admin duties. Peter
  24. Hi David, As an alternative suggestion, why don't you add these as pages to your shop instead to create a more seamless experience for your customer? Everything I can see in the link provided can be added to your Phoenix shop. I'm assuming it would be beneficial to keep your customers in your shop environment. it is easy to add new pages to the shop, just: 1. Copy a simple page(e.g. conditions.php) and its corresponding language file. 2. Rename the page to what you want to call it. 3. Change all references in the files from the name of the old file (e.g. conditions), to the new one. 4. Add content. You probably only need to modify the language file to do this. Peter