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  1. Thank you for this add-on. It is very useful. I combine this add-on and the little mod submitted by YePix, and now I get the following info displayed.

    Now, whenever I enter a value in any of the 3 boxes, the margin will update automatically. A big thank to you.

    I am willing to share the code with you if you require, though I believe you are able to do the same yourself. Cheers!


    1. peterpil19


      Thank you,

      Much appreciated



  2. mddel

    mddel    burt

    Would you be kind enough to provide us with the setting on the test cart https://template.me.uk/phoenix so that we can replicate the setting and get our shop to look like the test cart.

    Thank you very much


    1. peterpil19


      HI @mddel, try downloading and installing the latest version of CE Phoenix from here: