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  1. peterpil19

    Google ads

    Nice site. I'm a classically-trained pianist, but I actually used to play trombone too. You might want to use the opportunity to consider engaging a certified developer to take a closer look and perhaps use the opportunity to upgrade your site to the latest responsive version - Phoenix - which has improved security amongst other things. You can join the Phoenix Club to learn more.
  2. peterpil19

    Can't retrieve live credentials to get started

    Great, it's not just me then! I usually have to google "how do I find X in Paypal" whenever I need to something other than send money.
  3. peterpil19

    Can't retrieve live credentials to get started

    Hi John, Which version are you using? The latest, Phoenix, has had updates to Paypal app which the old eCommerce might not have had. Have you tried manually putting the credentials in? There should be a menu for that. Peter
  4. peterpil19

    Wrong redirect after add to cart

    100% agree with @Heatherbell. Frozen and prior versions are now end of life. Upgrading to Phoenix is not too difficult. You can ask someone (e.g. a certified developer) for help or if you are comfortable you can attempt it yourself. In the Phoenix Club, there's a topic which explains how to perform an upgrade. Also, if you sign up as a Phoenix Supporter, as well as supporting the project moving forward, you get access to loads of free add ons. Peter
  5. peterpil19

    Wrong redirect after add to cart

    No worries, just a suggestion, as the other add on is actively maintained. I switched when I moved to Phoenix and Jack's add on kept my urls the same so no impact to SEO rankings. I'm a little confused. You mentioned this issue only appears when you have "Display_Cart' set to 'False'? If putting it back to True solves it and you are planning to use a modal cart, then no need to have it set to 'False'? Per Matt's suggestion above, try checking the rewrite rules in your .htaccess file. If you have turned Ultimate SEO URLs 5 off, try deleting all the lines you added to .htaccess file as part of its installation and see if that works. Your application_top.php is modified extensively, including the section dealing with "Display_Cart" and other areas relating to PHP_SELF. Looking at the code, simply turning off the SEO Urls add on won't be the same as not having installed it in the first place.
  6. peterpil19

    Specials Page Not Showing Up

    Hi, What do you mean by 'configured the header'. Can you walk us through any changes you have made, other than put items on special?
  7. peterpil19

    Wrong redirect after add to cart

    First off, i I'd recommend using the utlimate seo urls add on supported by @Jack_mcs and not the other one which I think you're using. I couldn't get that other one to work with Phoenix. Jack actively supports his add on. Also by memory the version of the add on you are using overrides core code (html_output.php amongst other files) + modifies your .htaccess file so switching it off isn't necessarily the same as not having it installed. My question would be why you want to stop customers being directed to the shopping cart in the first place? If it is because you don't want them to leave the page, then I'd suggest looking at an ajax shopping cart add on, where a modal shopping cart pops up, and the customer stays on the same page. For Phoenix there is one available as part of supporters code.
  8. peterpil19

    Easy Discount

    Hey Jim, Check this one by @swguy https://apps.oscommerce.com/QdusL&quantity-discounts-for-osc-phoenix This one works perfectly in my store (version It's an excellent add on. No core code changes required. There's also this one: https://apps.oscommerce.com/XpyA1&better-together-for-phoenix I haven't used that one recently, but it was working fine in later versions of Phoenix. Peter
  9. peterpil19

    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Hi, For benefit of others, I confirm that KISSIT works perfectly for me in a fresh install as well as in my live shop (also 1. The gallery product info content module supplied works as is. However, it can easily be converted into the new pi module (for the pi layout system now in core) by just comparing against another pi module to see what needs to change. This is not mandatory as you can have content product info modules and pi modules working together. 2. The optional admin thumbnails did not work for me. But I don't use it. A great module. I look forward to the next version when released, but great that the current one still works with latest version of Phoenix. Peter
  10. It works for me. I'm now on and it has worked on all previous Phoenix versions. Peter
  11. I am a NEWBIE not sure if this is the proper approach. Need to shorten checkout, were not in the EU,  like to remove legal button. just moved from OSC 2.3 to Phoenix small site for our use only

  12. peterpil19

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    Just tried it on a fresh installation with live paypal express and confirm no shipping info showing up on paypal screen. I swear it used to do show shipping and it stopped around time instant Update error started appearing for everyone. I wanted to know whether just me or others.
  13. peterpil19

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    For others using PayPal express, is it default behaviour that only the sub-total gets passed through to the PayPal page, not e.g. shipping? On the paypal page, my customers see the sub-total, which does not include shipping. On return to the checkout confirmation page they see everything else (shipping, discounts etc.). The subsequent paypal payment record only shows the total form the checkout confirmation page as the sub-total, and excludes shipping. My recollection of the not too distant past is that the shipping information would pass through. Certainly it would appear on the paypal records as an individual amount. Peter
  14. I also could not replicate the error. Peter
  15. Hi Frank, Which hook? That might be useful to know. Other than hooks which are part of the core code, optional hooks can just be removed in my experience. Peter