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  1. By clearing cache, Malcom was referring to your internet browser's web cache. For whichever browser you are using i.e. Chrome, Safari, Explorer etc. I now see italicised font in your red navbar so it looks like you are on the right track... Don't worry, whilst the software is new to you, it might seem tricky, but you will get there! Make sure to read up on Bootstrap 4 and in particular become familiar with its components and utilities. That, plus understanding CSS, will empower you to make lots of changes with ease. https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.3/getting-started/introduction/ Peter
  2. peterpil19

    Tax rates problem

    @mausmaki That is because you are entering more digits than allowable for the data type. The tax rates table field is Decimal (7,4) which means, 4 digits to the right of the decimal place and 7 in total. See: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/precision-math-decimal-characteristics.html You can change this, but I query why you need so many decimal places. Peter
  3. peterpil19

    Help with code in table

    Hi, Potentially a dumb question, but do you need to use tables? Could you use bootstrap list groups or something else? Peter
  4. Hi Nancy, Here it is. Replace your includes / classes / hooks.php file with this one: https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/includes/classes/hooks.php Peter
  5. peterpil19

    Cosmetic changes to Phoenix Home Page

    Hi Nancy, Some great advice above. I understood that custom.css was deprecated in a recent version of Phoenix so I do not think you have the latest version installed. Also, make sure to become very familiar with Bootstrap 4's 'shorthand' utilities: https://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap4/bootstrap_utilities.asp More generally, understanding Bootstrap 4 components and utilities will allow you to make lots of changes with ease. Peter
  6. peterpil19

    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    Not sure I can agree with that. Phoenix is the latest iteration of osCommerce by any definition. It is much more advanced than considering the changes that have been made to its codebase. Hooks, modular functionality and layout, responsive design, PHP 7+ etc. Yes it has been around 5 years and the challenges I outlined above has continued to persist and continues to undermine the launch of each version, yet Gary and others (including you) have continued to support the project to our collective benefit despite homeground disadvantages! That fact 5 years has gone by is an absolute credit to Gary and others. Just the other day a 75 year old gentleman posted to this forum asking for help. He had installed 2.3.4 and appeared stuck. I hope not, but I reckon we lost him (just like we lose many others) when he was told he had installed the wrong version from cPanelx followed by the requisite elaborate explanation to instruct him which version to install and how to go about it. So I come to the forum after installing the official version to be told, don't do that, install the non-official version. This gentleman was someone who took the time to actually install osCommerce. As I said, there would be countless others in the market for a cart like osCommerce who are seeing the official dated, non-responsive, demo and choosing an alternative. We never even get a chance to speak to them and it is our own fault. Just imagine you turn up to a stadium with tickets to watch the official team play. You present your tickets and get told - yes that is the official team but they are really bad and out of shape. You really should see the other non-official team play, they are younger and much better and you will enjoy it more! You think to yourself - that can't be right so you go watch the official team play and are disappointed. You don't come back again. Why on earth are they selling tickets for the official team and why is the non-official team not the official team?! There is definitely a sizeable market for this type of shopping cart. Google proves it. The sheer number of websites built on osCommerce and comparable carts proves it. The market is large enough to sustain Phoenix if we fix some fundamental issues like I mentioned above. We do not need millions of members. yes, if we wanted that, things might need to change. But you need to crawl before you walk and right now perhaps crawling is what is needed so we can learn how to walk again. I definitely do not agree that the market is limited to just a few enthusiasts. Understandably given your tenure and clear passion for osCommerce, you are entitled to feeling jaded. However I hope you continue to support Phoenix with your add ons and passion. Peter
  7. peterpil19

    PayPal fee changes

    Let's not forget the role of paypal in eBay too!
  8. peterpil19

    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    I think the marketing / marketability issue raised above is a different issue, caused by the way Phoenix is treated on this website and in cPanelx. Phoenix is the latest working responsive version yet this site is revolves almost entirely around the official version which is dated and frankly, unmarketable. I could not believe that there would be anyone on this forum that maintains a view that the official version is still a marketable product. I would be gobsmacked if there were. New users are offered a demo of the official version only. Most likely they do not proceed because it is old and non-responsive. New users install osCommerce on cPanelx (or they see the demo there) and then proceed to an alternative shopping cart available from cPanelx that is modern and responsive. This means we are losing people on our own turf! It is mind-boggling how ludicrously simple the solution is this but for whatever reason that solution seems to be considered an impossibility. There is no point talking about marketing and marketability when we are scoring own-goals and there is no place to market our own product. Our own stadium is promoting a different team. On the subject of keeping core simple, one advantage is that the core stays manageable in circumstances where there is a sheer lack of coders dedicated to maintaining and improving it (as evident at GitHub). @burt cannot do everything. If I understand the vision correctly, it means, building a core code-base that allows coders to build modules without altering core and allowing each coder to focus within their areas of strengths. It also empowers the user to alter layout, content and functionality, without touching core code. Modularity means scalability and opens up possibilities to creating loads of modules. There is NOTHING stopping anyone from creating modules, whether payment modules or otherwise, or in fact from suggesting changes to core in GitHub. If I could code better, I would. If everything was loaded into core I would guess we would be in a situation where many of the modules being offered would not be able to be maintained because they would be relegated to the team focused on core.
  9. peterpil19

    Double Main and Large Images

    Hi there, On the subject of image size and load times I would recommend @raiwa's excellent Kissit thumbnailer add on: https://apps.oscommerce.com/oTI8V&kissit-image-thumbnailer-ce It also allows you to change the size of images with ease. Peter
  10. Thanks for updating the Sales Reports admin add on! Works great!

    Kind Regards,


    1. Heatherbell


      We find it a must have add-on, someone else's hard work originally - we needed to update for our latest Phoenix live shop so hope the update helps others. Thanks to you too for your professional input on the forum so goodonya for that.

    2. valquiria23


      excellent contribution to the community !!! Hopefully more people upload more updates of old contributions. Congratulations!!

  11. peterpil19

    TLS not working at all

    I have found that delivery information is no longer passing through to paypal since the instant update appears to no longer be functional. So the customer only sees a sub-total on the paypal screen, the total when returned to shop and the paypal receipt records only the total... Peter
  12. peterpil19

    TLS not working at all

    Hi Gerry, I agree 100% with Craig. CE Phoenix is the only version of osCommerce worth installing. It is the only version that is modern and continues to be updated. Peter
  13. peterpil19

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Hi Sebastian, What is the consequence of the 301 redirects? Is it having any adverse effect? Unfortunately I do not believe this add on is supported any more. Also, it does not appear to work with the most recent version of osCommerce - CE Phoenix. The Ultimate SEO add on by @Jack_mcs continues to be supported and works with CE Phoenix. I have it installed. I would encourage you to upgrade to CE Phoenix in due course. In the interim, perhaps Jack as the resident SEO expert could answer your question for you. Peter
  14. peterpil19

    Catalog Only

    Hi there, Phoenix is modular so you can turn things on / off and change layout with ease. Go to Admin > Modules > Content. iI there you can turn off 'Price' and 'Buy Button'. Peter
  15. Hi @ArtcoInc, See this post on the subject of hiding buy buttons: Peter