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  1. peterpil19

    Product Counts

    Hi Zip, If you have an ongoing interest in Phoenix, I recommend you join us in the Phoenix Club. Unlike old osCommerce, the approach now is to avoid editing core code which makes it easier for shopowners to apply updates. Where there is no away around a core code change, then let the core team know in case they can address it in a future core code release e.g. by adding a pre-placed hook. Peter
  2. peterpil19

    Import / Export

    Do most of these products already exist in your current osCommerce store?
  3. You can't go wrong with an addon from @raiwa. @burt also has one if you contact him.
  4. peterpil19

    product filter issue

    Suggest you contact the add on maker and ask them to update it for Phoenix. Alternatively you can contact one of the certified developers in the Phoenix club for help.
  5. peterpil19

    product filter issue

    Which add on? Can you link to the add on in the apps marketplace please? No one is going to open zip files from unknown sources on their computer. Have you tried contacting the add on maker?
  6. peterpil19

    Paypal Express characters strangers

    @igbarah Please note that 2.3 is end of life and no longer actively supported. Please consider upgrading to Phoenix which uses the latest version of paypal express.
  7. peterpil19

    Installation issues

    Perhaps try using Paypal Express? Any reason you went with Paypal Direct Pro?
  8. peterpil19

    Excludes based on page

    You can also use stock quantity (in-stock). That might be better from the customer's perspective. Or set the price to zero and stock quantity to zero so customer can't checkout with the item (if you've disabled checking out with no stock in admin). Peter
  9. peterpil19


    Which 'latest version' did you upgrade to - Phoenix? That's the version currently supported. Other versions (e.g. 2.3.4 ) are end of life and not actively supported. Yes, my understanding is that deleting a category deletes any sub-categories and products linked to that category. Changing the products to categories mapping sounds like something easier done in a spreadsheet and then uploaded to the database. Perhaps someone else will offer an easier solution. Nevertheless, I would suggest asking one of the certified developers for assistance. You can find them in the Phoenix Club.
  10. peterpil19

    Connecting wholesalers with retailers

    Welcome! If you haven't been here for a while, do you know about Phoenix? If not, make sure to take a look. Unfortunately, I don't believe there is any such topic. The current forum guidelines aren't really facilitative of what you are suggesting...
  11. peterpil19

    Excludes based on page

    One of the supporters code @burt has released for Phoenix blocks out the buy button if the product is out of stock. I believe this can be used to achieve what you are after - with some modifications. Suggest you consider becoming a Phoenix Supporter and contacting Gary directly about this.
  12. peterpil19

    How do I install Oscommerce

    Make sure you are using Phoenix. See products page to download Phoenix. Other versions are EOL and no longer actively supported.
  13. peterpil19

    Installation issues

    Looking good so far. 👍I grew up around guitars. I can't play. I'm classically trained pianist but my cousin is a professional jazz guitarist.
  14. peterpil19

    admin header links fixed position

    Hi Lyn, FYI the admin menu becomes sticky-top in later versions of Phoenix. I can't remember at which point release. Peter
  15. peterpil19

    Installation issues

    Welcome. Make sure to join the Phoenix Club. It's the dedicated part of the forum for Phoenix. If you choose to become a supporter (recommended) you get access to free modules to improve your shop. Also if you run into trouble, there are certified developers who you can engage for help. Peter