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  1. peterpil19

    Product Counts

    Hi Zip, If you have an ongoing interest in Phoenix, I recommend you join us in the Phoenix Club. Unlike old osCommerce, the approach now is to avoid editing core code which makes it easier for shopowners to apply updates. Where there is no away around a core code change, then let the core team know in case they can address it in a future core code release e.g. by adding a pre-placed hook. Peter
  2. peterpil19

    Import / Export

    Do most of these products already exist in your current osCommerce store?
  3. You can't go wrong with an addon from @raiwa. @burt also has one if you contact him.
  4. peterpil19

    product filter issue

    Suggest you contact the add on maker and ask them to update it for Phoenix. Alternatively you can contact one of the certified developers in the Phoenix club for help.
  5. peterpil19

    product filter issue

    Which add on? Can you link to the add on in the apps marketplace please? No one is going to open zip files from unknown sources on their computer. Have you tried contacting the add on maker?
  6. This is covered in the install guide. I see one minor core code change which Rainer has already notified the core code team about addressing if possible plus one more if using Stripe.
  7. peterpil19

    Paypal Express characters strangers

    @igbarah Please note that 2.3 is end of life and no longer actively supported. Please consider upgrading to Phoenix which uses the latest version of paypal express.
  8. This won't work on larger screens. As explained earlier, you are already displaying your images on your product info pages at their actual size. There's nothing to zoom. For smaller screens (mobile view), images are by default responsive, so they will scale based on the size of the screen. In the examples you have shown me, the large image is not responsive so it doesn't scale. People using their mobile phones know they can zoom in/out using their fingers. So personally I don't think it adds anything by making your images appear larger than your customers' screens by default. The older versions pre-Phoenix use colorbox header tags module for the pop up image. See if you can find it. In the file, find references to maxHeight and maxWidth and remove the number: https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/b2faaac9765a6a9bce7130e0b598e393402f67fe/includes/modules/header_tags/ht_product_colorbox.php#L49 That should make the image pop up in its full size without scaling, and you'll need some additional css to ensure it is centred on your screen. Note that the version you are using is end of life. It will become increasingly difficult for anyone to offer you support so would recommend you consider upgrading to Phoenix when you can.
  9. peterpil19

    Installation issues

    Perhaps try using Paypal Express? Any reason you went with Paypal Direct Pro?
  10. peterpil19

    Excludes based on page

    You can also use stock quantity (in-stock). That might be better from the customer's perspective. Or set the price to zero and stock quantity to zero so customer can't checkout with the item (if you've disabled checking out with no stock in admin). Peter
  11. I've looked at your website. The pop up modal size is capped to the maximum size that fits in your browser. Try zooming in or out on your browser - or look at it on your mobile - and you will see what I mean. The issue is not the pop up. That appears to behave as it should to me. It is that your image on your product information page are being displayed at or around their maximum size. If this is what you want, then the pop up window itself is probably not helpful to customers because they are already seeing the image in its original size. If you want to make your images on your product information pages smaller, then that is a setting in admin by memory under configuration / images. BTW, your image file sizes are huge. I'd suggest using the KISSIT Image Thumbnailer add on.
  12. My recollection was that the image popup is the actual image size? Have you tried using a larger image? Phoenix lets you select its size.😉
  13. As a shop owner, I confirm this works on using the upgrade package supplied by Matt/Gary. Peter
  14. peterpil19


    Which 'latest version' did you upgrade to - Phoenix? That's the version currently supported. Other versions (e.g. 2.3.4 ) are end of life and not actively supported. Yes, my understanding is that deleting a category deletes any sub-categories and products linked to that category. Changing the products to categories mapping sounds like something easier done in a spreadsheet and then uploaded to the database. Perhaps someone else will offer an easier solution. Nevertheless, I would suggest asking one of the certified developers for assistance. You can find them in the Phoenix Club.