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  1. Forgot to update - website is up and running. Just over 2 days offline in total. In the war which took place on the hosting providers' twitter page is an important lesson about public relations and keeping your customers updated.
  2. Update: my webstore is currently down. The hosting provider (webcity Australia) has a network outage which affects all of its websites. No ETA has been provided - 48 hours and still counting. Very surprising given they claim to have 150,000 customers.
  3. Hi, If the file does not exist then why would that result in a 404 errors if it is never going to be accessed? The products_reviews_info.php in the "page_modules" directory? What should be changed? Peter
  4. Thanks Frank, Much appreciated! Peter
  5. UPDATE I have added an articles / blog page using the excellent Add-on by @@burt: I have made a few changes to the default formatting of this add-on so that: 1) there is a header section; 2) the title of each article features in its own panel; 3) the table listing all articles is at the bottom of each article so you do not have to go back to the main page (required only slight change to the code to remove filtering by author so all articles are listed when on an articles page). I have also added an FAQ page using the FAQdesk Add-on: I have modified the default formatting from a simple list to one with the questions and answers in different coloured panels and accross 2 collapsible columns. Note: the issue above raised by Dan is still outstanding until I get some free time to fix up the photos. Peter
  6. @@piernas Hi, I have just updated my installation of this add-on to the latest version and it continues to work perfectly for me. However the updated version of the usu5 sitemaps no longer works. It presents the following error: Warning: Missing argument 3 for usu5_create_sitemap_set(), called in /home/.../public_html/usu5_sitemaps/index.php on line 223 and defined in /home/.../public_html/usu5_sitemaps/index.php on line 137 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ORDER BY p.products_last_modified DESC, p.products_date_added DESC' at line 1 SELECT p.products_id, p.products_date_added, p.products_last_modified FROM products_description pd INNER JOIN products p ON p.products_id = pd.products_id WHERE p.products_status = '1' AND pd.language_id = ORDER BY p.products_last_modified DESC, p.products_date_added DESC [TEP STOP] The older version works fine and I will continue to use it. The error appears to be caused by those lines relating to the multi-language support and thought you should be aware. Peter
  7. Perfect, Thanks everyone! I've been doing things the hard way not realising you can create different variations of a class in this way! Peter
  8. Hi, I know this is a CSS question but I figured it is a slow week in the support forum and this is a really quick question. I want to have different bootstrap well styles on my site. I can modify the bootstrap well class in user.css so its contents are italicised as follows: .well { font-style: italic; } Doing this however modifies the well permanently wherever it appears. What if I want to use multiple well classes. For example I might want one whose text is italicised as above, and another which has different background colour. Can you actually create multiple well classes in user.css? If so, how? Or is it better to simply define the changes in the .php files not user.css with e.g. <div class="well" style = "font-style: italic;"> Thanks Peter
  9. @@BrockleyJohn Thanks for clarifying. Just to check I am reading it correctly, the database script was last changed May 13 2016? If so, it means my version is up to date. Peter
  10. Hi, Quick Question: As a non-programmer I have found that keeping my current EDGE installation up to date is really simple - all changes to files are easy to identify and then apply. To keep my installatin current do I need to look out for any changes to the database as well as the files? I could not see where to check for database changes here: Thanks Peter
  11. Hi Glen, They are definitely in the bootstrap version. Refer the original files: 1. Search "tep_draw_form" in index.php and you should find the first part. 2. Note that what you are looking for: require('includes/languages/' . $language . '.php'); Is represented differently in the bootstrap version as: include('includes/classes/language.php'); Let us know if you still cannot find them. Peter
  12. This issue continued to appear intermittently when in the Admin area and then I realised I had not updated the configure.php in the Admin / includes directory, just the one in the Catalog / includes directory. A good reminder to anyone that has similar issues that you need to update the DB server in 2 locations. A rookie mistake to name the DB server the domain name when I first installed it. Peter
  13. Wow that was quick! I never expected a response so quickly...
  14. Hi Smoky, Thanks for the suggestions. Peter
  15. Dear all, I have just installed the following add-ons kindly developed by @@burt: 1. Blog / Article - integrated blog / articles, controlled via admin and seamlessly presented inside your store. 2. Write Testimonial - customers can now leave testimonials. 2. Testimonials box - displays any testimonials in a box 3. Product Out of Stock - replaces Add to Cart button with an out of stock button. An out of stock message appears above. Common sense solution. 4. Schema Local Business - so your business details can appear in Google. Installation was simple. In all it took me less than 20 minutes to install and test all 5 add ons. Highly recommended. Links to all add ons are in @@burt's profile. The blog / article add-on was precisely what I was after. Peter