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  1. Thank you Bob. I will try it out :-) Petter
  2. Hello all How can I make Oscommerce to send admin an email notification when a new customer creats an account ? Thanks
  3. TheBest

    Pick Up service

    Thank you !!! Petter
  4. TheBest

    Pick Up service

    Hello I am running OSc 2.3.3 I am looking for a add-on module which allow the customer to choose to pick up goods at the shop or if they want us to bring the items to them (like friends or groups we are visitings or so)..but still have to pay in advance by our payment modules. We dont want to have them to pay cash at the door. What module is best for this ? The language on my site is Norwegian but I guess that would not be a problem ?
  5. TheBest

    Social Login Add On for v2.3

    How do I install this add-on for a different language than english ? What do I need to do ?
  6. TheBest

    What shipping module to use in Norway ?

    Thanks again. I have testet more here now and it seems to work perfectly. I did not expect help here since I was asking about a Norwegian shipping module so you guys suprised me :-) Very good. Thanks a lot !!! Petter
  7. Hello I don't know how many in here can help me with this problem but I give it a try. I have installed the Norwegian shipping module for Bring and Posten for the Zen Cart system. I found it on the add-on pages for Oscommerce and it was the latest Norwegian shipping module I found. Even if its for Zen Cart it was posted on the Oscommerce so I figure it should work on both systems. However after installation every thing seems to work fine until I tried a paypal check-out. It returned an error message. If I deactivate the add-on and check out with paypal I get to the paypal login screen so it seems to be something with the module that is not working correctly on my site. Here is the error message I get: Fatal error: Class 'httpClient' not found in /home/cool-dat/www/includes/modules/shipping/bring_fraktguide_common/bring_fraktguide_common.php on line 23 and the url that gives this error message is: http://drillteam.no/ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php This is whats in the bring_fraktgiude_common and line is 23 is the line I have marked below. I just wonder if I need to have an account at Bring and fill inn some account information in the code ? I am not sure..... Denne metoden henter XML fra Bring Fraktguide. Se dokumentasjon på XML API på http://fraktguide.bring.no/ */ function getXmlForProducts($productCode, $from, $to, $weightInGrams, $postingAtPostoffice) { $http = new httpClient(); $http->timeout = 2; $request = join('&', array('from=' . $from, 'to=' . $to, 'weightInGrams=' . $weightInGrams, 'postingAtPostoffice=' . $postingAtPostoffice)); if ($http->Connect('fraktguide.bring.no', 80)) { $http->addHeader('Host', 'fraktguide.bring.no'); $http->addHeader('User-Agent', 'osCommerce 1.4.5 - '.STORE_NAME); $http->addHeader('Connection', 'close'); if ($http->Get('/fraktguide/products/' . $productCode . '/all.xml?' . $request)) { $body = $http->getBody(); if ($http->reply == 200) { $result['xml'] = new SimpleXMLElement($body); } else { if (strpos($body, "FG_INPUT_021")) { $result['error'] = "Oppgitt postnummer er ikke gyldig"; } elseif (strpos($body, "FG_INPUT_022")) { $result['error'] = "Vekt eller volum ikke oppgitt"; } elseif (strpos($body, "FG_INPUT_002")) { $result['error'] = "Feil format på oppgitt postnummer"; } else { $result['error'] = "Ikke tilgjengelig til oppgitt postnummer"; } } } $http->Disconnect(); } return $result; } Can anyone help me please ? Thanks Petter
  8. TheBest

    What shipping module to use in Norway ?

    Wonderfull !! I did not get an error now. It went to the paypal login after I did the modification you linked me to :-) I will check it more carefully to see if it works completely. Thank you.
  9. TheBest

    What shipping module to use in Norway ?

    Thank you Joli. I will check it out and let you know. Thanks.
  10. Hello I have added a product item that comes in different sizes and colors. I use attributes for size and color so that the customer can choose correct size color. However I do not find any way to enter the amount of items I have with different sizes or colors so that I can keep track of how many I have left after sales. I guess I need an add-on ? What is the best add-on or eventually external software to manage stock control by attributes ? Thank you . Petter
  11. TheBest

    Stock Control by attributes

    Thank you...I will check it out.
  12. Hello you experts. I am struggling to find some good free templates/themes for version 2.3.x I have googled and googled and found some and also a lot of dead links.... Do any of you have a favorite free template site to recommend ? Thanks a lot. Petter
  13. hmmm....I understand. So what you guys suggest is to either use some time on making my own template (modify the standard template) or buy a commercial made template ? I find the price of templates quite expensive though. Very often around 100 dollars or more.
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    Thank you,...its working now. I just had to alter the configuration file manually and put in the correct path, mail address and such. I have also protected my admin folder by .htaccess and .htpasswd and deleted the file manager so I hope I am better off now. Any other suggestions on how to protect my shop from beeing hacked would be appreciated. Petter
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    Thanks for your reply. Yes I understand now. But when I click "Update" I got two error messages: Warning: opendir(/home/username/public_html) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /home/blablabla/www/blablabla/admin/includes/functions/sitemonitor_functions.php on line 93 Warning: readdir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in /home/blablabla/www/blablabla/admin/includes/functions/sitemonitor_functions.php on line 95 Reference file creation failed. Is this due to my home location of the files or is it due to the permissions ?? What do you think ?? Petter
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    Hello, Another "Reference file" question from a newbie..... I have downloaded the SiteMonitor version 1.5 which I understood was a complete version, not a patch. I have copied and modified the files according to the description. When I am running the SiteMonitor and Admin I get the "Delete the reference file and create a new one" and "Run Sitemonitor. Reference file is not deleted." messages. Were do I find this "Reference file" which it asks me to delete ???? Sorry for beeing stupid :-)