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  1. Hello geoffrey, i have read it and have been using it succesfully for 10,ooo items in stock out of 30,000. I didnot want to keep 30,000 items in the database with only 1/3rd in stock, and the manegemnet of it becomes more cumbersome timewasting, and the customers would be annoyed. so now, i thought to use only the in stock items. But, because the product id is used by the system, when i upload the latest stock list, naturally the product id no longer matches the previous upload. so the reviews etc get mixed up. The sku numbers are unique, and so i wanted to use that as the product id, to get round this issue. I was wondering how to do that with what i have already, or maybe i have to try a different version, i have heard of advanced version, that has product id filed, where is that, if it is suitable? Currently i am experimenting with access, and odbc connection, i can get the tables, once...and am keeping the connection alive ok, but after i close the table, i think the server times out after 30 seconds, and i cannot reconnect to the table. i can only reconnect , if i restart access. is that normal ? surelt the server should enable a reconnection after a timeout. ?
  2. Hi, when i update my site, i clear the products/categories etc mysql tables. Then i upload again using easypopulate import, my site will have 1,000's of products, i want to use the products sku as this is fixed, as the products_id field. to keep reviews and orders etc intact. how do i get to use the products_id field in easy populate?
  3. Anti Robot registration 2.3.1 -- 14sep2006 D-flxz Hi, i installed this contribution, but i dont see the graphics letters in the create-account page, and nothing new in the account-password, or account edit... Please help !! PS i already installed contrib anti-spambot contact_us works great!!
  4. Hi insomniac, thankyou so much, have increased the manufacturers length, works great now. PS I had wondered why the manufacturers length was in the file, i thought it may have been a mistake, obviously a space saver.
  5. Hi, need some help anyone, (sorry if this is the wrong way) installed rma system, it seems to be working, But when the return form is being filled in to return an item, the dropdown box with the return reasons are being truncated to show only 16 characters, whilst the database stores 25 vachars. this is problem because if a reason is entered in Admin SetUp as " wrongly ordered, open box" This only shows as " wongly ordered" Help will be gratefully accepted, i am new and setting up my own site.