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  1. I have the exact same problem, m8. Ive just spent 3 hours going through this thread from the beginning. its an awesome contribution (it was working before i moved my shop) and im a php noob and even i can see the effort that went into the commenting, coding and install guidelines....but this issue... it seems so simple, i kept trying to reset my seo url cache as initially thats what it must have been, right?> apparently wrong. im thinking now where the .html re-writes come from and deleting it manually so it can start afresh again... as an aside i have changed my directoiry in the .htaccess from /test/ to /eshop/ have you made the appropriate changes for a root install in your .htaccess? if anyone knows why i cant reset my urls it'd be cool if they could help cos i really love this contrib and want to keep using it!! cheers, rushy
  2. rushy

    Master Products - MS2

    Hi Borje, I have the exact same problem but so far have not got a fix. Can anyone help? Cheers, Rushy
  3. thx mate, i tried it and it seems to solve the problem! Ill just wait for the next one ;-) Although I must admit I'm kinda leaning towards Master Products 2 now with my custom pc builder sending users to the base build and then giving them the chance to add products to the build. Seems to be a lot less buggy.
  4. hiya dootch, im not skilled at all with php so this contrib is making hard work. Im learning as i go i must admit. One minute i think ive got it sussed the next something else goes tits up. Anyway, i managed to formet the page so that it integrates well with my site, the problem Im now having is that when the system has been selected and I click on 'continue' there is nothing in my cart. This didnt happen the other day so something ive recently changed has buggered it all up. Just wondering if anyone has a fix for this issue before i roll back my files? Thanks, rushy
  5. Thanks, mate, i can see what I'm doing now. The only problem I have now is how to change the output of the build.php to actually fit into my page. It kicks itself out of alignment, even when I set the table to 732 px like the rest of my site and align it centre. for some reason the build.php kicks out to the left by about 100 pixels... Also, has anyone successfully managed to change the look of this contribution for the customer end? And if anyone can give me pointers on where to start...?
  6. hi, ive just installed this contrib and have seen some working examples from the ccc forum (now inactive) and I just want to know if my admin should look like this: i cant seem to figure out how to link my products to my drop down menu i only seem to have 3 options in my admin ccc config ccc options pending builds ??? Should I not have more options? Thanks, rushy