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  1. hi, i'm sure that this has been noted before but i have just discovered that although my shipping zone for the flat rate was set to the uk only, a customer from ireland was able to complete the checkout process which resulted in them not being charged shipping... i know that the zone rates module stops customers from checking out if there is no shipping option available is this correct? any fixes for it? have i made a mistake somewhere?
  2. it uses country name, 2 letter code and 3 letter code.... i just googled it on an un related matter (to your query) and got a list of european ones that seemed to fit the bill...
  3. brianstorm

    [Contribution] STS v4

    i don't think my problem had anything to do with register_globals, rather i think it was the gzip compression & / or serach engine safe urls being on that broke my isntall and gave blank pages below the header - it certainly seemto work fine after a restore, turning off those 2 items, and reinstalling.... thanks for the advice though...
  4. brianstorm

    [Contribution] STS v4

    does STS v4.2 require register globals to be on or is it just OScommerce? will the register_globals fix break STS v4.2? can anyone please advise me on this? thanks brian
  5. brianstorm

    [Contribution] STS v4

    hi, i 've just installed sts4.1 on a nearly fresh install of ms2-- the only other mod is the fix for register_globals (and paypal ipn) and the result is that every page (catalog side) is blank below the bar with my account, cart, etc... I have tried searching for a solution but am not having much success today with the forum search... i believe its a fairly common problem but couldn't find many solutions.... does sts require a register_globals fix? there's nothing in my apache error logs... all advice apprecciated.... regards brian
  6. brianstorm

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi, I have the IPN 1.0 installed on MS2 and it mostly works well enough for me, although on some posts I get multiple notifications from Paypal which set the order status to "processing" (my selected value). I believe that the problem is probably my firewall which may not be allowing Oscommerce IPn module to respond to paypal and confirm receipt. I am wondering which file actually responds - Is it the ipn.php in ext? And I am also wondering what protocol / port I would require to open? If anyone has any ideas/info then I'd gladly hear them. (Its an Apache / Linux server). Cheers Andy
  7. Hi, i'm using osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2 with MS2 and it works fine for some people although I do seem to gert a high number of failed payments, some of which are due to user error or abandoned tranactions but not all and I am looking for the fault. I received an error email (the error email was off til recently) which is titled "PayPal IPN Invalid Process" with the following content: $_POST: $_GET: I have searched the forums and haven't found anything useful so if anyone can either point me in the right direction or help it would be much apprecciated. Oscommerce is running on Apache / Linux 2.2. Thanks Andy
  8. brianstorm

    PayPal Account Optional Module

    Will using the paypal IPN contribution not do this for you? (See payment contributions)
  9. brianstorm

    Paypal IPN problem

    Hi, I have a shop running MS2 and i was formerly using IPN 0.98. Everything was working fine until I had to switch servers. Then the paypal IPN module began updating orders multiple times, showing several updates seconds apart to status "processing" . I upgraded to IPN v 1.1 and it still appears to updating orders multiple times (although not on every order). It will occaisionally update an order which has been processed & despatched (and updated to reflect the fact) back to "processing". If anyone has any ideas they would be gratefully received. Also, if anyone can point me at the support thread for that contribution I'm sure that would also be most helpful. Cheers Andy
  10. brianstorm

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    Hi, there is an answer either on this thread or another phpBB thread... it took me a hile to find, but from memory, there are some lines of code in posting.php which relate to cookies that need to be commented out.... (I think that they also exist in general.php too) cheers andy
  11. brianstorm

    phpBB2 Implementation Contribtion

    For anyone else with the same question, a solution which works is to turn off "Use Seach-Engine Safe URLS" in admin for the File not Found messaage. If you want to correct the spelling I believe that you'll find it at the end of modules.php There are a few different threads on this topic, some of which relate to Liangs phpBB mod 2.0.6, and other which relate to chaviero s phpBB 2.0.8 mod.... I found this thread had solutions to most of the problems I encountred http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...ic=62964&st=100 Thanks to Gamerigs for the reply. I'm hoping that I've cracked it now but I may be in touch...
  12. brianstorm

    phpBB2 Implementation Contribtion

    Hi, I've just installed the phpBB2 contribution on MS2 with a BTS (Basic Template System) mod also installed, and at the second (and much more careful) install I have a partially working install. 1) When I click on the Forum link (in the information box) I get a blank error page which says 'Sorry file does't exist.' The URL looks wrong to me which I suspect may be a php setting as the & signs appear as html eg: http://www.mydomain.co.uk/modules.php/op/m...;file/index.php The rest of the shop stillworks correctly. And I can get into the forum through the admin address. It is hosted on an Apache webserver If anyone can help it would be greatly apprecciated. Cheers Andy
  13. Hi, I want to give a discount to customers who arrive via a click-through ad on someone elses site. Has anyone else done this? Can anyone suggest to me how I might best go about it? I thought that it might be possible to have an item in the catalog which doesn't show up until it is added to the cart although I don't know how to do this. Any thoughts? Any help would be much apprecciated! Cheers! :?: