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  1. yes that is the spiders text also for security you should have a robots.txt to stop robots from listing your senstive information ie Admin needs to be secure as your admin stores all off your customers details also your database and products are in there make sure you have done this before submitting to search engines here is a basic robots.txt file copy into notepad and save as robots.txt then upload to where your main html page is your root folder copy from now User-agent: * Disallow: /admin Disallow: /catalog/account.php Disallow: /catalog/advanced_search.php Disallow: /catalog/checkout_shipping.php Disallow: /catalog/create_account.php Disallow: /catalog/login.php Disallow: /catalog/login.php Disallow: /catalog/password_forgotten.php Disallow: /catalog/popup_image.php Disallow: /catalog/shopping_cart.php Disallow: /private Disallow: /hidden User-agent: Googlebot-Image Disallow: / you are all done this file assumes that your catalog is in your root folder one more thing your asked for was a site you can test to see if your urls have the dreaded oscsid goto this website and enter your url in the search this will search your site as google would if you can give me ur url i will check to see how far you are in the development of your urls and header tags and page titles if you see all oscommerce listings when you search your site you need a contribution to change this i will look for this if you need url is kind regards mal pc
  2. If you prevent the spider session you need to make sure you have a spiders.txt file and allow the spiders of your choice if you search for spiders.txt in the contribution section you will find an usable spiders.txt file that includes all major spiders to spider your site this will also stop any bad spiders hope this helps kind regards mal
  3. hi there I do know it is down to oscommerce default to have the oscsid my point is that the seo_urls contribution claims to remove this without the force cookies option enabled, this contribution does remove the oscsid on all pages bar the first page which is no good if want to get into google search fast, as even though you only get the oscsid on the first page google sees it on all of your pages the sid killer contribution lets google see your pages as html links so google does not have to keep deleting the old oscsid urls which makes them happy as they can spidder the site much easyer also i did try using the robots txt and spiders txt files to stop access to oscsid urls but in poodle predictor the oscsid url where still shown (poodle spiders your site as google would and then shows the urls found) try it with your site see for your self exactly what google sees from your site also can you give my your url so i may take a look at your site kind regards mal
  4. hI microshaft I realy do not like the seo_urls contribution as it is not compatable with many contributions out there and also it still gives the oscsid in the url on the first page of your site that is why I moved away from the seo_urls contribution I installed the sid killer contribution this was not only easy to install but it actually worked and removed the oscsid from the url the only downfall with the sid killer contribution is that a user/customer of your site who has ticked the option to block all cookies in there browser options will not be able to view most or all of your site, saying this though all major e-commerce stores that i know of will not let you view there site if you do not enable cookies so this is not as big a problem as some may think. people looking to shop online will be aware that cookies need to be enabled as no website offers shopping without cookies enabled so the downfall of this contribution is not a downfall at all I advise you to install the sidkiller contribution but remember to backup before you do. in the sid killer contribution there is only two files to edit no sql database programing like the seo_urls contribution what can i say but the sid killer contribution is easy to install and it works as it should hope this answers your questions kind regards mal
  5. Hi to all and thank you nana for you notes if users cookies are not enabled they can not add products to the cart or sign in I have done some research on this by turning my cookies total off (disabled) and started to go through website that I have joined up with like ebay, google, yahoo, msn, overture, sony, dell, and all of our competitors. I have found that out of more than 100 ecommerce websites, payment processors and search engines that I viewed only 1 allowed me to sign in and this was Amazon. They did not let me straight in my browser blocked many pages before they let me in, all of the others either redirected us to a page that says you need to enable cookies to view the page and then gives brief description as to why cookies need to be enabled, like to add products to cart and log in. Yesterday I also asked a few friends who work in office work (accounts, law, customer support and bank manager) who have a pc at there desk that is connected to a server I asked them to go to our website and place a dummy order and not one of them had any problems except for one who does not have internet access at work I think this confirms that business will not be lost due to the users cookies not be enabled as if you disable cookies you will not be able to surf the web well maybe free information websites but if they are required to sign in or even view products on some sites they will need to have cookies enabled in there browser With the Sid killer contribution installed the users can block cookies and enable and enable session cookies this is what all will use if they do block cookies as they could not ever shop online if completely disabled and as our market is online shopping this will never be a problem to us One of the main reasons why oscsids are no good is down to security as a hacker can get to valuable documents through oscsid What I would like to be able to do is have a redirect page for none cookie users so if there cookies are disabled they will be redirected to a page that does not kill the oscsid this is what Amazon have done and I do like it not that I think this will have any noticeable affect to sales but it is better to have all avenues covered So any oscommerce pro?s out there reading this please look at Amazon and sign in with cookies disabled and do not tick allow session cookies you will hear a few clicks and then you will be signed in look at the bottom right of your browser internet explorer and click on the little eye with the no entry sign and look at what has been blocked see if you can reproduce this and enable its use in oscommerce with the Sid killer contribution hope someone out there will be able to figure this out maltonge
  6. HI THERE ALL Have just been looking at the spider session remover this is a great contribution to that should work with sid killer this is mainly for websites that have listings in search engines with the oscsid the spider session remover here is a copy of the authors description of the spider session remover contribution The problem ========= You may use one of the following: * 2-2MS2 "Prevent Spider Sessions" admin feature is set to true. * SID Killer contribution (,952) * Spider Killer for MS1 contribution (,1089) All of these features are very good, and aim to prevent spiders from adding an session ID (osCsid) to the url. However, what if a spider started to crawl your website BEFORE you enabled one of the above features ? What can happen, is that the (previously) harvested URLS with SIDs in them will show as results in search engines. Afterwards, often many months later, you will still see the spider trying to access the the URLs it harvested earlier with the session ID in it. In summary, URL's with sessions ID's were harvested PRIOR to any session disabling, and therefore these URL's are now indexed in search engines, and the spiders continue to re-visit your website using the URL's with the 'osCsid' in them. The Solution ========= So, how do we remove these session ID's for the spiders that continue to use the previously harvested URL ? By the use of Apache mod_rewrite, look for the spider agent name, and if the condition is true, re-write the URL without the 'osCsid' in it, and ALSO return a "301" back to the spider. What results from the mod_rewite ======================== As to what the search engines will do, they'll see the 301-Moved Permanently response, re-fetch the page from the new (osCsid-less) URL given in that response, and, ...... after a while, update their database to use the new URL.,7054 hope this is helpfull i will be giving this contribution a go as google still has some oscsids from our website from june 05 when we first opened will keep all informed as to if this contribution does work and if all of the oscsid urls are deleted from the search engines your replys are welcome maltonge
  7. Hi there chantal7 i also had this problem and ended up giving up and uninstalling this ultimate_seo_url contribution if you can uninstall this contribution do so as there are many configuration and conflict problems with this contribution i advise you to check this forum i set up all the answers to the oscsid problems are here is so easy you will wonder why you ever installed the ultimate seo_urls contribution no offence to chemo maybe if he was not band from this forum just maybe there would be a solution to the problems with this contribution check the oscsid forum it worked for me :) add ignor this i am just putting some keywords so that people may find this info through the search feature seo_urls, seo url, mysql, permission denied, oscsid, cookies, cache configure.php, reset_seo_cache.php, seo_class
  8. Thank you for comments jack I have had the ultimate seo urls contribution by chemo for a few months and did try all settings believe me and still could not get this contribution to remove oscsid in the URL on the first click. I do however know that the oscsid was causing a problem with google not so much on the other search engines but google is very funny with oscsids and did not even take another listing or cache of my site except for the first one in aug 2005 and google visited my site every 7 days and surprise surprise the cache google had of our website had a oscsid and this oscsid url was being followed every time bringing up the same old page from aug 2005 so google never saw an update of the page I have now installed the contribution sid killer which was only a few edits to two files and that was it was so easy and now google have removed the cache of our site and I am expecting them crawling our site anytime now. For anyone interested in this contribution go to the link at the bottom of this paragraph This is a fantastic contribution that you can see in use at And enter our store you will not see one oscsid and neither does google, we will keep all informed as to our listings in google if you use this contribution please leave some feedback on this forum subject, something like, how you like the sid killer contribution, if you had any problems installing the sid killer contribution and if so what the problems was have you fixed it and if so how did you fix it. Hope this helps all out there with this oscsid problem CLICK BELOW FOR THE SID KILLER CONTRIBUTION REMEMBER BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP ALL FILES YOU NEED TO EDIT,sid+killer
  9. PROBLEM SOLVED NO MORE OSCSISD "YES" After weeks of searching for the answer for the oscsid problem i have found the solution as the seo_urls contribution only worked on pages after the first click and was no good for the googlebot i decided to open this forum to try to find the answer and still with all you pros out there i still never received the answer so i went looking for myself and below is the working answer use the original catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php and update using contribution sid killer this has worked great for me and i have had this problem with the oscsid urls for the past 3 months what a pain what a relief thanks to all who has contributed to this forum hope this information helps all you out there with the oscsid urls here is the url for the contribution just read the install text file this will show you step by step how to install there is only 3 adjustments to two files i did notice that the seo_urls contribution had code in my /includes/functions/html_output.php so i installed the original /includes/functions/html_output.php and then installed this caused no problems with the running of my shop although there is no guarantee so remember backup any files you are about to change sorry i am going on again here is the url,1220 hope you enjoy as much as i did thanks to Ian Wilson for this great contribution you are welcome to add your comments here about this contribution or if you need any help contact us via our website Please leave feedback on this forum whether this topic has helped you or not
  10. hi there and thank you for your reply here is the link to the website that i had spider my site and all have sids it does look like this problem is not going to be fixed i have had this problem now ever since i installed the ultimate seo_urls contribution i advise anyone who is thinking of installing the ultimate seo_url contribution to think again as this is not working as it should do, any pros out there care to prove me wrong please feel free to contribute to this forum or you can contact us through our website
  11. hi there and thanks for your reply i do have the prevent spider session set to true do you think maybe this is to do with the robot.txt also the fix i had in mind never worked the spiders still picked up the oscsid urls i will keep all informed as to how i fix this problem is there no experts out there who know what this problem is if so please join in on the topic it would help many webmasters as i have seen this problem with the oscsid url on many a forum but not one of the answers have fixed the problem any ideas please reply mal
  12. i think i may have a small fix in mind for the problem with the oscsid being displayed in the urls i have noticed that the first page has the oscsid urls and on after a click or a page refresh the urls go to html for some reason googles spiders are picking up only oscsid urls from our site take a look here The solution i have come up with is to have the first page refresh instantly so that all the urls after the refresh the all pages are html and not with the oscsid can anyone tell me how to have my catalog page refresh like refresh rate 0 or 1 i wonder if google will still see the oscsid url hmmmm hope not i will give it a go and let you know on this feed if there is any experts looking at this please your views are required i know on my html home page i have a refresh rate of 60 which = 60seconds as there is information on there that people find interesting but i am not to sure how to put the same code into a catalog/index.php i will keep you informed or you can see the progress of this fix by viewing our website and check the urls for yourself and enter our store if the urls in our store are html then this problem is fixed and a reply will be add to this feed
  13. hi there I have just taken a look at your site and have noticed your configure.php file is available for any one to write to in the programe the you use to edit and upload your site go to Yourdomain/catalog/include/configure.php and look for the permission settings and set to (owner read write) (group read) and other read do not let group or other write or execute maybe this is your problem but in any case this need to be changed as anyone can access your server through this configure.php as all your server details are on there. this may also be the problem with the contribution you are trying to install hmmmm reply to this feed when you have sorted the pemission out on the configure.php file mal if you prefer you can contact me through our website and click on enter our store then click on the link contact us :) :)
  14. hi there i also had this problem and have since fixed have a new problem now though but here is how to fix yours open your catalog/includes/configure file and at the bottom you will see the server information including host name, username, password and your database name just inbetween the '' enter your password and username information this should work ok
  15. hi there i installed the contribution google xml sitemap and when i try to view the googlesitemap/index.php file i get this error (Warning: mysql_connect(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) in /hsphere/local/home/pcgiant/ on line 19 Unable to connect to database server!) i know that it is having a problem with connecting to my sql database but do not know how to fix it i installed the google xml sitmap contribution this error only happens when i goto Http:// if it helps i do not have a file named admin as i changed the name for security reasons think maybe this is the error but not sure i have backed up my site so any suggestions thanks i will give it a shot Thanks in advance