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  1. carrerarod

    looking for a contribution

    there are several...order editor is one... which works ok with some minor flaws in the tax area I believe (check support threads) and MOECTOE is a nice piece of code as well...might need some tweaking but might serve your purpose.
  2. you should read the official support thread...there are over 100 pages of useful information....
  3. carrerarod

    Ultimate SEO oscommerce 2.2 MS2

    There is already a support thread for this contribution. Use that thread. Chemo was banned from this forum months ago and does not respond here unfortunately....
  4. depending what script you are checking from, this will most likely work : if ($cart->count_contents() > 0) { }
  5. carrerarod

    I need help with checkout process

    this is a very well documented issue. Search the forums for multiple solutions....
  6. carrerarod

    show original price and sale price

    i think it called ez new fields or something close to that. it will also display the percentage saved.
  7. call what? the thread? I don't remember....there are several of them and they are not my threads....I simply posted replies to threads of people asking how to do it.... some of them as far back as 2 yrs ago....its not a simple task. will require modifications to the front-end and the backend as well as modifying the database....
  8. I just answered an identical question yesterday. There is no contribution for this. You will most likely have to write your own. Those of use in the same business have posted several times different approaches on how to get this done. Just search the forums and you can see several threads over the past couple of years discussing this.
  9. carrerarod

    Ship to lower 48 only

    we use a modified version of the individual shipping contribution. allows you to set a 2 shippings prices per item. the 1st is the original shipping price while the 2nd is the incremental cost for each additional item...something like that. we been using it for a couple of years so a little fuzzy and what it does and how we had to fix it for out business.
  10. carrerarod

    Ship to lower 48 only

    problem is the cart has no way to know if the customer is outside of the lower 48 until they begin the checkout process and provide you with that data. you could always remove the states of hawaii and alaska from the create account process which will pretty much force them to contact you. you could write a policy around this to explain. that's how we deal with it. We offer flat rate shipping fee's with the disclaimer that it's for the lower 48 only. Outside the 48 they need to contact us as you can't ship ground to Hawaii and some items that are heavy or bulky would be cost prohibitive to ship anyways. Most of the folks in Hawaii and Alaska I do business with recognize this and are used to having to pay extra for shipping.
  11. carrerarod

    Mutiple Product Associations

    There is no contribution for this. All of us in the same industry have written our own. Several of us has posted some really high level ideas on how to get started and there are several ways to skin this cat... and yes it does require significant coding and integration in your overall design. Most of the work being giving the customer the ability to search by vehicle. the management of it on the backend for you is pretty easy to implement by starting with a contribution like EZ New fields EZ new Fields
  12. you probably should use phpmyadmin to delete one.
  13. was your database information written this time? if it did get written and you can see the SEO in admin>configuration I would suggest now adding the IF statements AND turning the SEO for now...make sure your site works, then turn it on again.... also their were some threads about setting the cache values to NO to troubleshoot your problem.
  14. I adds one table for the cache....and 2 records to each of the configuration tables.
  15. I may be wrong but I don't think it works on Winbloze period. Like at all. So unless you got a *nix box, look up the other contrib for winbloze. I thought I read it was the cname and pname contrib.... it won't hose your DB, just cause a bunch of 404 while trying to hit product_info.php....and maybe a few others but can't detail since my store is beyond custom at this point...