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    Barclays EPDQ CPI - New Backend - Problems Solved

    There is also a contrib for the new EPDQ which is free but has a couple of issues. I did get it working but a function is missing and you get some errors in the payment modules screen. There is no need to pay for anything OSCommerce and I think your post is a blatant advert.
  2. OSC Version 2.3.1 Payment Module: EPDQ CPI Module - http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4357 Module Versions: 1.9, 1.10 & 1.11 After a successful 24 months of hassle free payment processing my client calls me where the bank emails a payment status but the back of OSC is not being updated. After some digging and Help and Patience from Mort-lemur which went beyond fantastic, I found this was something others had come across. EPDQ is sending something different in the POST to the callback.php The problem: A user would add products to basket login to account make purchase via Secure Barclays Systems The user would then be re-directed back to their basket complete with products still in it. The user would receive an email from Barclays thanking them for the purchase of £x.xx but no store emails were generated or the backend of the store updated. The merchant received and email saying the payment went through fine but there was an error with the post sale: Merchant email from EPDQ: **************************************** Process Error : **************************************** Problem with online post-sale http request **************************************** Post-sale request result : **************************************** Request parameter send : transactionstatus=Success&oid=351&total=0%2E01&clientid=61324&chargetype=Auth&datetime=Jan+07+2014+18%3A32%3A40&ecistatus=2&cardprefix=4 HTTP/1.1 406 Not Acceptable No email from the store was sent to the merchant or the client. A Http 406 error. This has only happened since Barclays went from the old CPI EPDQ system to the new one (about November for me) I spoke to my host (Host Gator) who have now added the following rules to the Mod_Security module on the server for the domain in question: "we can tell you that the mod security rules 1234234 and 900078 were whitelisted for domain.co.uk. There were no ip's whitelisted related to mod security." So, in a nutshell, if you are receiving a http 406 error and payments are not updating the backend of your store, check the mod_security log with your host. Ask them to add the above rules to the white list as something in the POST from the bank is not being allowed through the security of your server. Make a 1pence test product and test it live. This way you have time stamps and IP to give to your host to check against. Again, many many thanks for the pointers and help with all of the above to Mort-lemur. WooshMan
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    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    Hi, I have looked at the tax fixes already and none seem to fix my problem. Sub-Total: £ 95.00 Discount (spring11): -£ 10.00 Standard (Standard Shipping): £ 5.00 VAT: £ 20.00 Total: £110.00 The total is wrong. UK Tax is 20%. VAT should be 18 and Total should be 108. It seems to be adding Tax to the price before discount. I do not know how to fix this after a good few hours of trying. Thanks for a reply. Woosh
  4. Anyone with any ideas at all please? It would be a shame to have to remove one module which is very much needed.
  5. Well thats a title and description to grab your attention. I have spent ages on trying to make 2 contribs talk to another contrib but with no luck. This is what I have: Freeshipping module Shopping Cart Box Enhancement And also: Add Weight to Product Attributes v0.2 All of them work. The top two have been intergrated for my needs and work perfectly. Upon adding the 3rd (Which works), I notice that the free shipping / Cart enhancement do not calculate the attrib weight. I have tried for days to code the cart enhancement contrib to take into account the product weight but with no joy. Maybe someone would be kind enough to let me know the code I need to make the cart enhancement take into account product attrib weights added. Many Many thanks in advance. Regards Woosh