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  1. rdbarr2

    Quantity Price Breaks

    ah... well that does make sense. Thanks for your help.
  2. rdbarr2

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Once I installed this contrib I noticed that when I preview the product, the price does not show up. I don't know if this is related to my installation this contrib or if this is just a fact of life. I have noticed that other things i have added on like a multiple images contrib didn't show up either. Anyone else seen this?
  3. rdbarr2

    WYSIWYG SPAW EDITOR Support Thread

    When i used this in the past I found that I needed to also download the spaw2lite theme. This theme is css driven and loads many times quicker. Also, I noticed that it broke the ability to use the define language and file manager pages. Of course i would not recommend using the file manager as it messed up several of my pages. Some kind of bug in it if I understood these forums correctly. Just my experience with it.
  4. rdbarr2

    WYSIWYG SPAW EDITOR Support Thread

    Okay well I have given up on the SPAW editor for this client. I have used it in the past and so long as you use the "lite" theme it has been pretty good. I have just tried the FCK Editor and it seems to be working fine. Rob
  5. rdbarr2

    WYSIWYG SPAW EDITOR Support Thread

    I have installed this contrib and am using the v2.0.5 of SPAW. I can go to the demo page and it shows up fine... but inside osCommerce it is not working. I get an x for a broken link instead of all images. This happens everywhere the function is called. I also went to SPAW's forums and found a different set of install instructions there. I tried those and got the same result. looking at the source code inside osC it is pulling the SPAW from //home/wordofli/public_html/AngelFood/catalog/spaw2/ But the demo page is using /AngelFood/catalog/spaw2/ I am guessing this is where the problem is coming from. But I have not been able to figure out how to change this and it not fail to call the function. If anyone can provide any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Rob
  6. rdbarr2

    [Contribution] Product Sort Order

    I had that problem when I installed at first. I went back to the last index.php backup I had and redid it. Works great now. Rob