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    Referral Program

    I know there is an affiliate program out there that allows people to send customers over from their website. But what if most of your customers dont even have a website? I need existing customers to refer a friend and when the friend signs up, they can identify the person that referred them(by their email perhaps). Then if the new customer buys something, the referring customer will get 1 point. which will show up in in admin when the original customer makes their next order. Does the affiliate contribution allow me to do that? or is it quite difficult to do. I am a beginner trying to hack away with php and sql
  2. It looks like affiliate contributions are for banner tracking. What i am looking for is so that new customers signing up can notify osc who referred them. ie the email of an existing customer. That way if a new customer buys something, the original customer will get a free gift thrown in on their next purchase.
  3. Is there a contribution that does that already? How difficult is that to do?
  4. These are my entries for zone 3. However when a user is from a zone 3 area, os commerce says shipping rate cannot be determined at this time". What am i doing wrong? Zone 3 Countries All Others Zone 3 Shipping Table 0.5:13,1:17,1.5:22,2:26,2.5:31,3:35,3.5:40,4:45,4.5:49,5:54,999:9999 Zone 3 Handling Fee 0