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  1. bigfairmont

    fast easy checkout

    I almost had it all with this. After I thought it solved it, I rolled out the change and realized that it wasn't working still. The modification I ended up having to make was the following: In checkout_shipping.php around line 103 Change this: if (!tep_session_is_registered('payment')) tep_session_register('payment'); to this: if (!tep_session_is_registered('payment')) tep_session_register('payment'); link_post_variable('authorizenet_aim_cc_owner'); link_post_variable('authorizenet_aim_cc_number'); link_post_variable('authorizenet_aim_cc_expires_month'); link_post_variable('authorizenet_aim_cc_expires_year'); link_post_variable('authorizenet_aim_cc_cvv');
  2. bigfairmont

    fast easy checkout

    Okay, I was able to get my version of Authorize.NET AIM to work in regards to this setup by making a change here. Now I do have Register Globals off just to note. The change was to make this line: $HTTP_POST_VARS[$key] = $val; this: $_POST[$key] = $val; I hope that can help someone else out in figuring out the nuances of these two modules.